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Det. Dooley and his German Shepherd dog companion Jerry Lee set out to find a murderous man who plans to kill Dooley. During the movie, Jerry Lee becomes tired, and begins to fail doing his normal way of life. They also reluctantly team up with Sergeant Wendy Welles and her Doberman Pinscher, Zeus, who, according to Welles, was trained in the Netherlands and listen to commands in Dutch (although in reality the commands are in German). Eventually, they discover the attempter: a psychotic man named Devon Lane who thought Dooley's wife, Tracy, loved him more than she did her own husband just because she said that he "had talent". He also believes that Dooley was responsible for Tracy's death. Devon attempts to kill Dooley in a climatic showdown and, just in time, Jerry Lee jumps, tackles Devon, and takes him out. Devon is then arrested and Dooley is taken to the hospital for gunshot wounds. The film ends with Jerry Lee and Dooley creating their own exercise video.

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