Red Scorpion 2

Uneducated, disaffected white youths known as skinheads are attacking racial minorities in the US. A government agent investigating the incidents traces them to a wealthy, extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi businessman who is secretly bankrolling the skinheads to carry out his wishes, allowing him to keep his hands clean as he preaches a non-violent message to his wide following.<ref name="allmovie1"></ref> Nick Stone (McColm) is an agent with the National Security Agency who wants to retire after his last job going undercover as a weapons dealer resulted in the death of a fellow agent. He meets up with his boss Col. West to tell him about his retirement, but West offers him one last mission. To take down Andrew Kendrick (Savage), a charismatic and dangerous white supremacist and his Neo-Nazi militia group hellbent on taking over the United States with his sleeper cells. Nick often works alone but West tells him that he will be working with a team composed of Commander Sam Guinness (Rubin), Vince D'Angelo (Ben Paul-Victor), a womanizing computer expert from Hollywood, Billy Ryan (Michael Covert), a redneck sharpshooter, Joe Nakamura and Winston Mad Dog Powell, (Real Andrews), a disgraced Detroit cop. Forming an elite group of soldiers, each with their own set of skills, the group's first assignment is to infiltrate a warehouse owned by Kendrick which may be housing "The Spear of Destiny", an ancient spear used in the crucifixion of Jesus and believed by Kendrick to give him ultimate power in his goal. The team storm the warehouse. The team however don't work together despite constant orders from Commander Guinness which results in Nakamura's death and the spear not being recovered. Despite the failed mission, Col. West's boss Colonel Gregori proposes to take the team to his cabin in the pacific Northwest. Under his guidance and training, the team become better and Gregori names them The Red Scorpions.

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  • Movie ID 97279
  • Status Released
  • Released Worldwide April 27, 1995
  • Runtime 95 minutes
  • Directors Michael Kennedy
  • Spoken Languages English
  • Production Countries Canada United States of America
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