The Benchwarmers

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Guy (Rob Schneider), Richie Goodman (David Spade), and Clark Reedy (Jon Heder) are three adult "nerds" who spent much of their childhoods longing to play sports, especially baseball, but never got the chance. Clark and Richie were unpopular children who were constantly bullied by the jocks and were never able to play baseball or other sports because of their lack of athletic ability. Gus Matthews, who does not talk much about his past, is surprisingly good at baseball even though he also lacks an athletic record. When a nerdy, unathletic boy named Nelson and his friends are ruthlessly bullied and kicked off a nearby baseball diamond by a team of Bullying who belong to a local little league team, Gus and Clark chase the bullies away. When Gus and Clark come with Richie to the field to play and get back their feel for the game, the bullies return and demand that they leave. Gus challenges the bullies to play them for the field, and the three friends, despite Clark and Richie's poor abilities, win the game due to Gus's superior skill. Days later, a man named Brad, who was one of Clark and Richie's bullies, challenges them to another baseball game with his team, but the three friends win again.

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