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Howard Wakefield, a successful attorney in New York City, is unhappy in his marriage of fifteen years to Diana, a beautiful art curator and former dancer. They used flirtation with other people to add excitement to their sex life, but Diana soon begins to resent it. One night, Howard returns home late from his commute, which has been disrupted and delayed by a widespread power outage, and is distracted by a raccoon he sees entering his garage, which is detached from the house. He chases the raccoon into the garage's attic, where he realizes he has a perfect view into his house, where his wife and two daughters, Taylor and Giselle, are eating dinner. He ignores calls from his wife and is amused at her clear annoyance, but is insulted when she angrily throws his plate of dinner away instead of saving it for him. To avoid a fight, he decides to wait a bit to go into the house, but he ends up falling asleep.

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