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Richard Roat


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Cold Case Static October 29, 2006 Guest Star
Medical Investigation Mutation November 5, 2004 Guest Star
Rock Me Baby Ca-Pam! April 13, 2004 Guest Star
Friends The One Where Ross Dates a Student March 9, 2000 Guest Star
Family Law Holt vs. Holt November 22, 1999 Guest Star
Any Day Now You Promise? I Promise August 15, 1999 Guest Star
7th Heaven Paranoia February 22, 1999 Guest Star
The Practice Burden of Proof January 19, 1998 Guest Star
Ellen Looking Out for Number One October 23, 1996 Guest Star
Seinfeld The Package October 17, 1996 Guest Star
Coach Just Short of the Goal October 5, 1996 Guest Star
3rd Rock from the Sun Truth or Dick March 12, 1996 Guest Star
Dream On Second Time Aground January 24, 1996 Guest Star
High Society Tomb with a View November 27, 1995 Guest Star
Murphy Brown A Rat's Tale February 13, 1995 Guest Star
Living Single A Hair-Razing Experience December 8, 1994 Guest Star
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman All Shook Up January 2, 1994 Guest Star
The Nanny The Christmas Show December 22, 1993 Guest Star
Melrose Place Married to It November 3, 1993 Guest Star
Blossom The Fifty-Minute Hour November 1, 1993 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire The Good, the Bad and the Pharmacist October 20, 1993 Guest Star
Mad About You Sofa's Choice September 30, 1992 Guest Star
Room for Two My Right Foot September 24, 1992 Guest Star
Step by Step Daddy's Girl March 6, 1992 Guest Star
Who's the Boss? A Well-Kept Housekeeper November 2, 1991 Guest Star
The Golden Girls The Case of the Libertine Belle September 28, 1991 Guest Star
Grand The Mother Load December 13, 1990 Guest Star
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Deck the Halls December 10, 1990 Guest Star
Night Court The Blues of the Birth May 2, 1990 Guest Star
Amen Deacon's Dilemma February 24, 1990 Guest Star
Baywatch The Drowning Pool November 3, 1989 Guest Star
Murphy's Law If Anything Can Go Wrong It Will March 25, 1989 Guest Star
Night Court Educating Rhoda November 16, 1988 Guest Star
L.A. Law Fetus Completus March 3, 1988 Guest Star
Matlock The Reunion January 12, 1988 Guest Star
ALF Some Enchanted Evening October 26, 1987 Guest Star
The Golden Girls In a Bed of Rose's January 11, 1986 Guest Star
Off the Rack Immigration Man April 19, 1985 Guest Star
Cheers The Executive's Executioner March 7, 1985 Guest Star
Hart to Hart Slam Dunk March 6, 1984 Guest Star
St. Elsewhere In Sickness and in Health February 8, 1984 Guest Star
St. Elsewhere Hearing February 1, 1984 Guest Star
Newhart It Happened One Afternoon (2) October 24, 1983 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Penumbra October 7, 1983 Guest Star
Falcon Crest The Tangled Vines December 18, 1981 Guest Star
The Associates (1979) Danko's a Daddy April 3, 1980 Guest Star
Charlie's Angels Fallen Angel October 24, 1979 Guest Star
Dallas Julie's Return January 26, 1979 Guest Star
Happy Days The Kissing Bandit November 28, 1978 Guest Star
Vega$ Centerfold September 20, 1978 Guest Star
Kojak Chain of Custody January 28, 1978 Guest Star
The Bob Newhart Show You're Fired, Mr. Chips November 19, 1977 Guest Star
Harry O One for the Road September 18, 1975 Guest Star
Banacek Fly Me -- If You Can Find Me February 19, 1974 Guest Star
Cannon Moving Target January 31, 1973 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Break-Up January 16, 1972 Guest Star
McMillan and Wife Husbands, Wives and Killers November 10, 1971 Guest Star
Cannon The Salinas Jackpot September 14, 1971 Guest Star
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The 45-Year-Old Man March 6, 1971 Guest Star
Columbo Ransom for a Dead Man March 1, 1971 Guest Star
Hawaii Five-O The Double Wall December 16, 1970 Guest Star
The F.B.I. A Life in the Balance January 19, 1969 Guest Star
The Fugitive End of the Line December 21, 1965 Guest Star