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Patrick Culliton



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
A Man Called Sloane Tuned For Destruction October 6, 1979 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Hitch-hike to Terror October 19, 1978 Guest Star
Lucan The Pariah March 27, 1978 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Renegade's Child December 23, 1976 Guest Star
Columbo Now You See Him February 29, 1976 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones A Taste for Murder December 4, 1975 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Counterfall February 4, 1975 Guest Star
Cannon The Sounds of Silence December 4, 1974 Guest Star
Cannon Blood Money February 6, 1974 Guest Star
Cannon Murder by the Numbers November 28, 1973 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Loose Connection March 18, 1973 Guest Star
Cannon Catch Me if You Can March 7, 1973 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Requiem for a Son January 28, 1973 Guest Star
Cannon Hear No Evil November 29, 1972 Guest Star
Cannon Bitter Legion September 27, 1972 Guest Star
Land of the Giants Panic January 25, 1970 Guest Star
Land of the Giants Genius at Work March 9, 1969 Guest Star
The Time Tunnel Idol of Death February 3, 1967 Guest Star
The Time Tunnel The Day the Sky Fell In September 30, 1966 Guest Star