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Earl Holliman



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Caroline in the City Caroline and El Niño (1) April 26, 1999 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the Ancestral Home March 15, 1999 Guest Star
Caroline in the City Caroline and the 28 lb. Walleye January 25, 1996 Guest Star
In the Heat of the Night Last Rights December 9, 1992 Guest Star
The Larry Sanders Show The Hey Now Episode November 7, 1992 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Who Killed J.B. Fletcher? February 10, 1991 Guest Star
Empty Nest Harry's Excellent Adventure September 29, 1990 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge September 26, 1987 Guest Star
Hotel Separations May 14, 1986 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco The Stamp of Death October 18, 1973 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Pay-off October 14, 1973 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Shadler January 15, 1973 Guest Star
The F.B.I. Dynasty of Hate October 10, 1971 Guest Star
Alias Smith and Jones The Day They Hanged Kid Curry September 16, 1971 Guest Star
Cannon Pilot March 26, 1971 Guest Star
Ironside The Target January 28, 1971 Guest Star
Alias Smith and Jones Alias Smith and Jones January 5, 1971 Guest Star
Gunsmoke Hackett March 16, 1970 Guest Star
Marcus Welby, M.D. Neither Punch nor Judy December 23, 1969 Guest Star
Gunsmoke A Man Called Smith October 27, 1969 Guest Star
Custer Pursued December 27, 1967 Guest Star
The F.B.I. Special Delivery January 23, 1966 Guest Star
The Fugitive The Good Guys and the Bad Guys December 14, 1965 Guest Star
Slattery's People The Hero November 5, 1965 Guest Star
Dr. Kildare Wings Of Hope May 13, 1965 Guest Star
Checkmate The Bold and the Tough May 16, 1962 Guest Star
Alcoa Premiere Second Chance March 13, 1962 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone Where Is Everybody? October 2, 1959 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 The Dark Side of the Earth September 19, 1957 Guest Star