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Owen Bush



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Handmade (2015) Metal May 4, 2015 Guest Star
National Geographic Documentaries Medieval Fight Book January 25, 2011 Guest Star
Weird Science Grumpy Old Genie February 10, 1996 Guest Star
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Socrates' Sister September 24, 1993 Guest Star
Married... with Children Route 666 (1) April 28, 1991 Guest Star
Major Dad Wounded Flyboy and the Nurse Who Gave Him Reason to Live October 8, 1989 Guest Star
Dallas Phantom of the Oil Rig September 22, 1989 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Alma Murder March 12, 1989 Guest Star
Punky Brewster Wimped Out May 23, 1988 Guest Star
Our House (1986) Out of Step February 28, 1988 Guest Star
Our House (1986) Friends February 22, 1987 Guest Star
Hunter Straight to the Heart January 24, 1987 Guest Star
Our House (1986) The Third Question October 5, 1986 Guest Star
Murder, She Wrote Murder in the Electric Cathedral February 16, 1986 Guest Star
Highway to Heaven Help Wanted: Angel November 21, 1984 Guest Star
Falcon Crest Little Boy Blue March 9, 1984 Guest Star
Little House on the Prairie The Older Brothers January 17, 1983 Guest Star
Dynasty Sammy Jo and Steven Marry January 20, 1982 Guest Star
Enos Now You See Him, Now You Don't March 4, 1981 Guest Star
Walking Tall Hitman February 7, 1981 Guest Star
The Dukes of Hazzard Road Pirates October 19, 1979 Guest Star
How the West Was Won The Rustler January 22, 1979 Guest Star
Alice Who Ordered the Hot Turkey? November 19, 1978 Guest Star
The Harvey Korman Show The One Where Harvey Won't Change April 11, 1978 Guest Star
All in the Family Archie and the KKK (1) November 27, 1977 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Fatal Dive October 28, 1976 Guest Star
Baretta They Don't Make 'Em Like They Use To October 20, 1976 Guest Star
Cannon The Quasar Kill February 4, 1976 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones Honeymoon with Death October 17, 1975 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco The Twenty-Five Caliber Plague December 12, 1974 Guest Star
Cannon The Exchange October 23, 1974 Guest Star
Gunsmoke A Game of Death ... An Act of Love (2) November 12, 1973 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible TOD-5 (aka The Carrier) October 14, 1972 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible Homecoming October 10, 1970 Guest Star
Get Smart Ice Station Siegfried December 19, 1969 Guest Star
Get Smart The Laser Blazer November 30, 1968 Guest Star
The Guns of Will Sonnett Reunion September 27, 1968 Guest Star
Petticoat Junction Cannonball for Sale March 9, 1968 Guest Star
Gunsmoke A Noose for Dobie Price March 4, 1968 Guest Star
The Guns of Will Sonnett Message at Noon October 13, 1967 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Opie's First Love September 11, 1967 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Goober's Contest April 10, 1967 Guest Star
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. To Re-enlist or Not to Re-enlist February 15, 1967 Guest Star
I Spy Lori September 21, 1966 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Off to Hollywood October 25, 1965 Guest Star
My Favorite Martian The Green Eyed Martian June 6, 1965 Guest Star
Grindl Grindl and the Counterfeiters October 13, 1963 Guest Star
Lawman The Barber February 25, 1962 Guest Star
Lawman The Lords of Darkness December 3, 1961 Guest Star
SurfSide 6 Count Seven! September 18, 1961 Guest Star
Maverick Bolt from the Blue November 27, 1960 Guest Star
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Most Beautiful Woman January 23, 1960 Guest Star