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Al Checco


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Growing Pains Not With My Carol You Don't February 20, 1991 Guest Star
Kate & Allie The Band Singer January 11, 1988 Guest Star
Matt Houston Final Vows March 29, 1985 Guest Star
Knight Rider The Ice Bandits October 7, 1984 Guest Star
Dallas The Ewing Blues January 7, 1983 Guest Star
The Rockford Files Trouble in Chapter 17 September 23, 1977 Guest Star
The Six Million Dollar Man One of Our Running Backs is Missing November 2, 1975 Guest Star
Kung Fu Barbary House (1) February 15, 1975 Guest Star
Harry O The Admiral's Lady September 19, 1974 Guest Star
Ironside Friend or Foe (aka For the Love of God) January 3, 1974 Guest Star
The Streets of San Francisco Hall of Mirrors November 4, 1972 Guest Star
Ironside Programmed for Panic September 28, 1972 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Corruptor February 27, 1972 Guest Star
The Big Valley Town of No Exit April 7, 1969 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Raid January 1, 1967 Guest Star
The Pruitts of Southampton Phyllis, Queen of the Road December 27, 1966 Guest Star
Batman Not Yet, He Ain't March 24, 1966 Guest Star
Batman The Penguin Goes Straight March 23, 1966 Guest Star
Perry Mason The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner October 24, 1965 Guest Star
Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. Third Finger, Left Loaf September 24, 1965 Guest Star
The Munsters Country Club Munsters April 15, 1965 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show If I Had a Quarter Million Dollars February 15, 1965 Guest Star
Mister Ed Big Pine Lodge January 17, 1963 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show The Bank Job December 24, 1962 Guest Star
Bronco The Immovable Object April 16, 1962 Guest Star
Mister Ed The Missing Statue March 9, 1961 Guest Star