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Gregory Gaye




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The F.B.I. The Butcher December 8, 1968 Guest Star
The F.B.I. Wind It Up and It Betrays You September 22, 1968 Guest Star
Mission: Impossible Recovery March 17, 1968 Guest Star
The F.B.I. List for a Firing Squad December 18, 1966 Guest Star
The Time Tunnel Secret Weapon November 25, 1966 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Sacrifice January 16, 1966 Guest Star
The Dakotas Justice At Eagle's Nest March 11, 1963 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip The Reluctant Spy October 12, 1962 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip Upbeat June 15, 1962 Guest Star
Thriller Flowers of Evil March 5, 1962 Guest Star
Sea Hunt Mercy Trip February 25, 1961 Guest Star
Bourbon Street Beat Wall of Silence March 28, 1960 Guest Star
One Step Beyond The Image of Death May 19, 1959 Guest Star
Playhouse 90 Judgment at Nuremberg April 16, 1959 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip Honey from the Bee April 10, 1959 Guest Star
Richard Diamond, Private Detective Matador Murder (a.k.a. Mexican Art Swindle) March 22, 1959 Guest Star
Man with a Camera Lady on the Loose December 26, 1958 Guest Star
Sea Hunt Midget Submarine March 29, 1958 Guest Star
Judge Roy Bean Terror Rides the Trail May 1, 1956 Guest Star
Judge Roy Bean Deliver the Body April 17, 1956 Guest Star
Terry and the Pirates Deadly Species September 25, 1953 Guest Star