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Ellie Harvie



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Tom and Grant 2018 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Salvation Let the Chips Fall July 30, 2018 Guest Star
Psych He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead February 2, 2007 Guest Star
The L Word Lifesize February 12, 2006 Guest Star
The Collector The VJ February 7, 2006 Guest Star
Stargate Atlantis Critical Mass December 5, 2005 Guest Star
Stargate Atlantis The Siege (3) July 15, 2005 Guest Star
Stargate SG-1 Prometheus Unbound January 28, 2005 Guest Star
The Dead Zone Speak Now August 1, 2004 Guest Star
The Chris Isaak Show Taking Off March 18, 2004 Guest Star
Andromeda Tunnel at the End of the Light (1) May 18, 2002 Guest Star
JAG Port Chicago April 9, 2002 Guest Star
Cold Squad Ambleton March 2, 2002 Guest Star
Cold Squad Enough's Enough February 23, 2002 Guest Star
Mentors The Crush March 19, 2000 Guest Star
The New Addams Family The Tale of Long John Addams August 14, 1999 Guest Star
The New Addams Family Fester, World Leader August 7, 1999 Guest Star
Cupid Pilot September 26, 1998 Guest Star
The Commish The Sharp Pinch February 6, 1993 Guest Star
Broken Badges Meet Your Matchmaker June 6, 1991 Guest Star