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Hal Linden



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
2 Broke Girls And the New Lease on Life April 21, 2014 Guest Star
NTSF:SD:SUV:: Prairie Dog Companion October 26, 2012 Guest Star
Hot in Cleveland Meet the Parents July 21, 2010 Guest Star
The Bold and the Beautiful Ep. #4971 January 8, 2007 Guest Star
The King of Queens Catching Hell April 20, 2005 Guest Star
Huff The Sample Closet January 16, 2005 Guest Star
Will & Grace A Gay/December Romance January 22, 2004 Guest Star
Law & Order: Criminal Intent Suite Sorrow February 2, 2003 Guest Star
The Zeta Project The Hologram Man August 10, 2002 Guest Star
Gilmore Girls There's the Rub April 9, 2002 Guest Star
NOVA Fall Of The Leaning Tower October 5, 1999 Guest Star
The Drew Carey Show Brotherhood of Man May 26, 1999 Guest Star
The Nanny California Here We Come March 31, 1999 Guest Star
Nowhere Man Gemini May 20, 1996 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel The Indigo Angel February 3, 1996 Guest Star
American Experience America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference April 6, 1994 Guest Star
The Golden Girls What a Difference a Date Makes March 23, 1991 Guest Star
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster February 2, 1991 Guest Star
The Ray Bradbury Theater Mars is Heaven July 20, 1990 Guest Star
Barney Miller Old Love April 2, 1982 Director
Tony Awards The 32nd Annual Tony Awards June 4, 1978 Guest Star
Barney Miller Hostage March 23, 1978 Director
Barney Miller Corporation October 6, 1977 Director
Battle of the Network Stars Battle of the Network Stars II February 28, 1977 Guest Star
Battle of the Network Stars Battle of the Network Stars I November 13, 1976 Guest Star
The Love Boat The Love Boat - Mona Lisa Speaks/Mr and Mrs Havlicek Abroad/Are There Any Real Love Stories/Till Death Do It’s Part September 17, 1976 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Confession September 30, 1973 Guest Star