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Mary Alice

Born Mary Alice Smith in Indianola, Mississippi, Alice is the daughter of Ozelar (née Jurnakin) and Sam Smith.[6] Alice showed an early and natural ability for acting, and began her stage career in her hometown.[7] Her family moved from Mississippi to Chicago when she was two years old. Mary Alice graduated from Chicago Teacher's College, now known as Chicago State University, and taught at an elementary school.[8] She returned to acting in the mid-1960s, through community theater, and appeared



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Line of Fire The Senator February 3, 2004 Guest Star
Soul Food Sex and Money July 25, 2001 Guest Star
Providence The Gift December 15, 2000 Guest Star
Touched by an Angel God Bless the Child November 26, 2000 Guest Star
Cosby The Vesey Method May 3, 1999 Guest Star
Cosby Afterschool Delight February 22, 1999 Guest Star
Cosby Lucas Absentia January 25, 1999 Guest Star
Cosby The Awful Truth January 11, 1999 Guest Star
Law & Order Mother Love February 24, 1993 Guest Star
L.A. Law Watts a Matter? April 5, 1990 Guest Star
Serpico The Traitor in Our Midst October 1, 1976 Guest Star
Good Times The Baby October 21, 1975 Guest Star
Sanford and Son Brother, Can You Spare an Act? October 17, 1975 Guest Star
Sanford and Son My Brother-in-Law's Keeper February 14, 1975 Guest Star