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Richard X. Slattery




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Knight Rider Fright Knight March 7, 1986 Guest Star
The Invisible Man Sight Unseen December 15, 1975 Guest Star
Chico and the Man Garage Sale January 3, 1975 Guest Star
Ironside Fall of an Angel December 19, 1974 Guest Star
Cannon The Cure That Kills February 20, 1974 Guest Star
Barnaby Jones The Loose Connection March 18, 1973 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse March 18, 1972 Guest Star
Room 222 Suing Means Saying You're Sorry February 4, 1972 Guest Star
Love, American Style Love and the Lady Killers January 7, 1972 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha's Magic Sitter January 5, 1972 Guest Star
Bewitched Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland November 17, 1971 Guest Star
Alias Smith and Jones The Posse That Wouldn't Quit October 14, 1971 Guest Star
My Three Sons After the Honeymoon March 20, 1971 Guest Star
Bewitched The Return of Darrin the Bold February 4, 1971 Guest Star
Bewitched Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer October 15, 1970 Guest Star
Bewitched The Salem Saga October 8, 1970 Guest Star
The Odd Couple Fight of the Felix October 1, 1970 Guest Star
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors This Will Really Kill You September 20, 1970 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The Judas Gun January 19, 1970 Guest Star
Room 222 Fathers and Sons November 19, 1969 Guest Star
The Governor & J.J. Rhyme With Reason November 11, 1969 Guest Star
Bewitched Cousin Serena Strikes Again (2) January 16, 1969 Guest Star
The F.B.I. The Predators April 7, 1968 Guest Star
Bewitched How Green Was My Grass February 29, 1968 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting January 29, 1968 Guest Star
The Invaders Moonshot April 18, 1967 Guest Star
The Green Hornet Ace in the Hole February 3, 1967 Guest Star
The Andy Griffith Show A Visit to Barney Fife January 16, 1967 Guest Star
F Troop For Whom the Bugle Tolls November 10, 1966 Guest Star
That Girl Time for Arrest November 3, 1966 Guest Star
Bewitched We're in for a Bad Spell September 30, 1965 Guest Star
Gunsmoke The New Society May 22, 1965 Guest Star
Wendy and Me You Can Fight City Hall April 5, 1965 Guest Star
Rawhide Blood Harvest February 12, 1965 Guest Star
Rawhide The Photographer December 11, 1964 Guest Star
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Anyone for Murder? March 13, 1964 Guest Star
Gunsmoke May Blossom February 15, 1964 Guest Star
Rawhide Incident of Iron Bull October 3, 1963 Guest Star
77 Sunset Strip The Gemnologist Caper May 11, 1962 Guest Star
Route 66 First Class Mouliak October 20, 1961 Guest Star
Naked City Ten Cent Dreams March 10, 1959 Guest Star