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Daniel Mainwaring


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Against All Odds 1984 Writer
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1956 Writer
Bugles in the Afternoon 1952 Writer
The Big Steal 1949 Writer
The Phenix City Story 1955 Writer
Baby Face Nelson 1957 Writer
Powder River 1953 Writer
East of Kilimanjaro 1962 Writer
Hot Cargo 1946 Writer
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case 1941 Writer
Secrets of the Underground 1942 Writer
Space Master X-7 1958 Writer
The George Raft Story 1961 Writer
The Woman Who Wouldn't Die 1965 Writer
Tokyo Rose 1946 Writer
Walk Like a Dragon 1960 Writer
A Bullet for Joey 1955 Writer
Alaska Seas 1954 Writer
An Annapolis Story 1955 Writer
Atlantis: the Lost Continent 1961 Writer
Big Town 1947 Writer
Black Horse Canyon 1954 Writer
Cole Younger, Gunfighter 1958 Writer
Convict Stage 1965 Writer
Crime By Night 1944 Writer
Dangerous Passage 1944 Writer
No Hands on the Clock 1941 Writer
Out of the Past 1947 Writer
Revolt of the Slaves 1960 Writer
Roadblock 1951 Writer
Roughshod 1949 Writer
Scared Stiff 1945 Writer
Southwest Passage 1954 Writer
Swamp Fire 1946 Writer
The Eagle and the Hawk 1950 Writer
The Gun Runners 1958 Writer
The Last Outpost 1951 Writer
The Lawless 1950 Writer
They Made Me a Killer 1946 Writer
This Woman Is Dangerous 1952 Writer
Those Redheads from Seattle 1953 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Outrageous Fortune The Cause of This Defect August 2, 2005 Guest Star
Mannix Who Will Dig the Graves? November 16, 1968 Writer
Custer Massacre October 4, 1967 Writer
The Wild Wild West The Night of the Deadly Blossom March 17, 1967 Writer
A Man Called Shenandoah The Caller October 11, 1965 Writer
Cain's Hundred Blood Money February 13, 1962 Writer
Adventures in Paradise Whip Fight May 9, 1960 Writer
Adventures in Paradise The Archer's Ring January 11, 1960 Writer
The Californians Panic On Montgomery Street January 14, 1958 Writer
The Restless Gun The Gold Buckle December 30, 1957 Writer