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Rushion McDonald

Other Movies

Movie Year Type
Think Like a Man 2012 Producer
Think Like a Man Too 2014 Producer
Don't Trip... He Ain't Through with Me Yet 2006 Producer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Parkers Mother's Day Blues May 6, 2002 Writer
The Parkers Mummy's the Word October 29, 2001 Writer
The Parkers Field of Dreams February 5, 2001 Writer
The Parkers J.C. Bowl October 2, 2000 Writer
The Jamie Foxx Show Musical Chairs April 20, 2000 Writer
The Jamie Foxx Show Super Ego January 7, 2000 Writer
The Jamie Foxx Show Joy Ride November 19, 1999 Writer
Sister, Sister Double Talk February 21, 1999 Writer
Sister, Sister Greek to Me November 8, 1998 Writer
Sister, Sister We Are Family October 4, 1998 Writer
Sister, Sister Ladies' Choice February 11, 1998 Writer
Sister, Sister Mo' Credit, Mo' Problems December 10, 1997 Writer
The Parent 'Hood Tango & Cash February 23, 1997 Writer
The Parent 'Hood Fight the Power December 8, 1996 Writer
The Parent 'Hood Our Gang September 15, 1996 Writer
The Parent 'Hood I Never Danced for My Mother May 1, 1996 Writer
The Parent 'Hood An American Class President March 13, 1996 Writer
The Parent 'Hood Not With My Daughter November 22, 1995 Writer
The Parent 'Hood Wendell and Muriel's Wedding October 4, 1995 Writer
Me and the Boys The B Word February 21, 1995 Writer