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Pamela Gordon


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
BBC Documentaries Davina - Beyond Breaking Point for Sport Relief March 20, 2014 Director
NYPD Blue Two Clarks in a Bar November 13, 2001 Guest Star
The King of Queens Papa Pill March 19, 2001 Guest Star
The King of Queens Horizontal Hold February 19, 2001 Guest Star
That's Life Or What's a Heaven For? February 17, 2001 Guest Star
Two Guys and a Girl An Eye for a Finger February 9, 2001 Guest Star
That's Life Nomads January 13, 2001 Guest Star
The West Wing In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (1) October 4, 2000 Guest Star
Charmed How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans April 6, 2000 Guest Star
The X-Files Theef March 12, 2000 Guest Star
Time of Your Life The Time the Millenium Approached December 20, 1999 Guest Star
Wasteland Death Becomes Us December 16, 1999 Guest Star
Freaks and Geeks Tricks and Treats October 30, 1999 Guest Star
Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane The Advice March 14, 1999 Guest Star
ER The Gift December 15, 1994 Guest Star
ER Blizzard December 8, 1994 Guest Star
My So-Called Life Father Figures September 15, 1994 Guest Star
Frasier Travels with Martin April 14, 1994 Guest Star
The Wonder Years Of Mastodons and Men February 12, 1992 Guest Star
The Flash Good Night, Central City May 4, 1991 Guest Star
Eddie Dodd Solomon's Choice March 19, 1991 Guest Star
The Twilight Zone (1985) A Little Peace and Quiet September 27, 1985 Guest Star