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Larissa Laskin



Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
The Unit Exposure May 9, 2006 Guest Star
Without a Trace Expectations April 13, 2006 Guest Star
Medical Investigation The Black Book February 25, 2005 Guest Star
Star Trek: Enterprise Cogenitor April 30, 2003 Guest Star
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Cats in the Cradle April 25, 2002 Guest Star
Mutant X Lazarus Syndrome February 23, 2002 Guest Star
Our Hero The Psycho Issue November 9, 2001 Guest Star
Relic Hunter Sydney at Ten October 1, 2001 Guest Star
Earth: Final Conflict Trapped by Time February 19, 2001 Guest Star
Earth: Final Conflict Motherlode October 30, 2000 Guest Star
Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal 'Til Death Do Us Part January 22, 2000 Guest Star
JAG Imposter April 21, 1998 Guest Star
The Pretender Over The Edge November 15, 1997 Guest Star
The Visitor Remember October 17, 1997 Guest Star
F/X: The Series The Ring October 7, 1996 Guest Star
Forever Knight Stranger Than Fiction October 1, 1994 Guest Star