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Patrick Thomas O'Brien


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Gang Runs for Office August 3, 2006 Guest Star
Monk Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month August 6, 2004 Guest Star
Gilmore Girls Afterboom April 27, 2004 Guest Star
Malcolm in the Middle Christmas Trees December 14, 2003 Guest Star
ER No Good Deed Goes Unpunished January 30, 2003 Guest Star
MDs Cruel and Unusual October 23, 2002 Guest Star
The West Wing Two Cathedrals May 16, 2001 Guest Star
The Naked Truth The Birds March 21, 1997 Guest Star
Picket Fences My Romance January 26, 1996 Guest Star
Babylon 5 Legacies July 20, 1994 Guest Star
Getting By The Rich Guy February 12, 1994 Guest Star
Picket Fences Sacred Hearts November 6, 1992 Guest Star