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Alex Karzis


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
What We Do in the Shadows Manhattan Night Club April 17, 2019 Guest Star
Mayday Death and Denial (EgyptAir Flight 990) November 2, 2005 Guest Star
Sue Thomas, l'oeil du FBI Mauvaises fréquentations October 31, 2004 Guest Star
Missing One Night Stand July 17, 2004 Guest Star
Mutant X Brother's Keeper January 19, 2004 Guest Star
Starhunter Skin Deep October 18, 2003 Guest Star
Relic Hunter Pandora's Box April 29, 2002 Guest Star
Tracker Native Son February 11, 2002 Guest Star
Relic Hunter Roman Holiday November 11, 2000 Guest Star
The Famous Jett Jackson Beauregard's Beach Bash September 23, 2000 Guest Star
The Famous Jett Jackson Par for the Course October 22, 1999 Guest Star
The Crow: Stairway to Heaven Through a Dark Circle January 17, 1999 Guest Star
Once a Thief Jaded Love November 17, 1997 Guest Star
F/X: The Series Deep Cover October 13, 1997 Guest Star