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Michael Arlen


Other Movies

Movie Year Type
A Woman of Affairs 1928 Writer
Lily Christine 1932 Writer
The Ace of Cads 1926 Writer
The Dancer of Paris 1926 Writer
The Falcon in Hollywood 1944 Writer
The Falcon Out West 1944 Writer
The Falcon's Alibi 1946 Writer
The Fatal Night 1948 Writer
These Charming People 1931 Writer
A Date with the Falcon 1942 Writer
Appointment With Murder 1948 Writer
Devil's Cargo 1948 Writer
Outcast Lady 1934 Writer
Search for Danger 1949 Writer
The Falcon and the Co-Eds 1943 Writer
The Falcon in Danger 1943 Writer
The Falcon in Mexico 1944 Writer
The Falcon in San Francisco 1945 Writer
The Falcon Strikes Back 1943 Writer
The Falcon Takes Over 1942 Writer
The Falcon's Adventure 1946 Writer
The Falcon's Brother 1942 Writer
The Gay Falcon 1941 Writer
The Golden Arrow 1936 Writer
The Heavenly Body 1944 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Gentleman from America April 29, 1956 Writer
Suspense The Gentleman From America April 25, 1950 Writer