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Garson Kanin



Other Movies

Movie Year Type
The Girl Can't Help It 1956 Writer
Adam's Rib 1949 Writer
Born Yesterday 1950 Writer
High Time 1960 Writer
Pat and Mike 1952 Writer
The Rat Race 1960 Writer
The Diary of Anne Frank 1959 Crew
My Favorite Wife 1940 Director
Tom, Dick and Harry 1941 Director
Bachelor Mother 1939 Director
A Double Life 1947 Writer
The Marrying Kind 1952 Writer
They Knew What They Wanted 1940 Director
A Man to Remember 1938 Director
Fellow Americans 1942 Director
Salute to France 1944 Director
The Great Man Votes 1939 Director
Ferraille à vendre 1972 Writer
Hardhat & Legs 1980 Writer
Nicht von gestern 1977 Writer
The Right Approach 1961 Writer
The Silent Lovers 1980 Writer
Next Time I Marry 1938 Director
The True Glory 1945 Director
Some Kind of a Nut 1969 Director
Born Yesterday 1993 Writer
It Should Happen to You 1954 Writer
This Year's Blonde 1980 Writer
Where It's At 1969 Writer

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Jack Lemmon: America's Everyman Episode 1 November 25, 1996 Guest Star
The Dick Cavett Show Robert Downey Sr., Garson Kanin, Gwen Verdon, Jimi Hendrix July 7, 1969 Guest Star
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Six People, No Music January 4, 1959 Writer
Hallmark Hall Of Fame Born Yesterday October 28, 1956 Writer, Director
Hollywood Goes to War The True Glory January 1, 1970 Director