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Penny Johnson Jerald




Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Frasier Maris Returns (1) November 4, 2003 Guest Star
Citizen Baines A Day Like No Other September 29, 2001 Guest Star
The Practice Awakenings February 18, 2001 Guest Star
The X-Files Medusa February 11, 2001 Guest Star
Family Law Family Values November 20, 2000 Guest Star
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Far Beyond the Stars February 11, 1998 Guest Star
The Gregory Hines Show Pilot (a.k.a. Square One) September 15, 1997 Guest Star
Cosby Brave New Hilton January 13, 1997 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Pregnant Pause February 28, 1996 Guest Star
Grace Under Fire Love Thy Neighbor February 21, 1996 Guest Star
Star Trek: The Next Generation Homeward January 17, 1994 Guest Star
Columbo Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health February 20, 1991 Guest Star
Parker Lewis Can't Lose Teacher, Teacher December 2, 1990 Guest Star
The Jeffersons Last Dance February 19, 1985 Guest Star
T.J. Hooker Anatomy of a Killing November 10, 1984 Guest Star
She's the Sheriff Divorce, Wiggins Style January 1, 1970 Guest Star