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Candy Brown Houston


Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
CSI: Miami Losing Face September 30, 2002 Guest Star
Lizzie McGuire In Miranda Lizzie Does Not Trust July 5, 2002 Guest Star
Lizzie McGuire I Do, I Don't April 27, 2001 Guest Star
Smart Guy That's My Momma October 18, 1998 Guest Star
The Pretender Indy Show January 31, 1998 Guest Star
Chicago Hope Lamb to the Slaughter May 5, 1997 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Unembraceable You December 10, 1996 Guest Star
Sister, Sister It's a Love Thang December 14, 1994 Guest Star
NYPD Blue Up on the Roof January 4, 1994 Guest Star
The Sinbad Show Breaking the Pattern December 16, 1993 Guest Star
Batman: The Animated Series The Mechanic January 24, 1993 Guest Star
Roc Roc's Secret Past September 6, 1992 Guest Star
Jake and the Fatman Just You, Just Me January 22, 1992 Guest Star
Quantum Leap The Leap Back September 18, 1991 Guest Star
Quantum Leap Shock Theater May 22, 1991 Guest Star
A Different World A Word in Edgewise February 21, 1991 Guest Star
Doctor Doctor Doctors and Other Strangers January 15, 1990 Guest Star
Doctor Doctor Odd Man In January 1, 1990 Guest Star
Amen The Fantasy March 5, 1988 Guest Star
She's the Sheriff Hair February 9, 1988 Guest Star
Lou Grant Harassment September 29, 1980 Guest Star
Wonder Woman Spaced Out January 26, 1979 Guest Star
What's Happening!! Making Out January 11, 1979 Guest Star