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Allen Lulu

Other Television

Series Episodes Date Type
Eli Stone Heal the Pain March 13, 2008 Guest Star
CSI: NY Summer in the City September 28, 2005 Guest Star
Come to Papa The Crush June 24, 2004 Guest Star
Yes, Dear Legoland November 3, 2003 Guest Star
Oliver Beene Divorce-O-Rama April 27, 2003 Guest Star
Friends The One After I Do September 27, 2001 Guest Star
7th Heaven Surprise! December 18, 2000 Guest Star
Something So Right Something About Disowning Your Father and Flying to Paris Blues March 31, 1998 Guest Star
Players In Concert October 31, 1997 Guest Star
Charlie Grace One Simple Little Favour October 19, 1995 Guest Star
Charlie Grace Bring Me The Head Of Darnell Sims September 28, 1995 Guest Star
Coach Be A Good Sport November 19, 1994 Guest Star
Coach My Cup Runneth Over February 8, 1994 Guest Star