Sing-a-long at Skansen

(Stockholms Outdoor museum) Sweden's longest running seasonal radio & TV-show. It's been aired summer-Saturdays for more than 70 years (with a couple of breaks, 1952 - 1955 & 1967 - 1973). Starting on the radio in may 1935 with the singing teacher Sven Lilja (host: 1935 - 1951) at the microphone in front of a live audience. The songs were handed out at the entrance. At this time people sung folksongs, ballads and songs with patriotic spirit. He was followed by Egon Kjerrman (host: 1956 - 1966) who changed the repertoire towards temporary evergreens. After 10 years he left without a successor. His motto was: -'I sing rather than good' But in 1974, it was time again. This time with Bosse Larsson (host: 1974 - 1993) and still on the radio. TV aired the first TV-show in 1979 and since 1987 it's been aired live every Saturday. Bosse Larsson still comes on the show from time to time as a guest artist. The most popular host has to be Lasse Berghagen (host: 1994 - 2003) if you judge by size of audience. The record was set July, 8 2003 when he 'retired'. 36.256 persons showed up in front of the small stage at Skansen. He's a very popular singer/composer in Sweden and was the first 'real' artist to take up the microphone on Skansens stage. During his time the show also started taking in international artist, first out was Ricky Martin, July 10, 2001. Another sing-a-long guest was Wyclef Jean, who loved it so much, he never wanted to leave the stage and the 29.325 people in the audience. Anders Lundin (host: 2003 - ) started out as a sub/temp for Lasse Berghagen and was the natural choice at taking over the last shows of 2003. He's a known TV personality and soon gained access to the hearts of all swedes. So hopefully between 8-9pm summertime for many years to come, Stockholmers and the rest of Sweden, will fill the air with rather than good song.

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  • Series ID 115331
  • Status Continuing
  • First Aired 1979-07-11
  • Network SVT
  • Runtime 60
  • Genres Family
  • Airs 20.00 on Tuesday
  • Rating
  • IMDB tt0444985
  • Schedules Direct
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  • Last Updated 08/02/2018 3:23pm


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