Agâh, a retired 65-year-old judicial clerk, crosses roads with Nevra, the only female police officer in the homicide office. Is it only a coincidence that Agâh and Nevra approach each other? Agâh Beyoglu, a retired judicial officer, is living alone in Beyoglu, Istanbul's most populous and lively district. His daughter lives abroad, his wife died years ago. This monotonous life of Agâh is upset by the diagnosis of Alzheimer's beginning. He will lose his memories because of his illness. Even if we do not accept this fact at first, Agâh realizes that forgetting is an opportunity. An opportunity to commit a murder he has planned for years. He will not remember this crime in the future and he will not take remorse for not remembering it. Meanwhile, Nevra, the female police officer in the murder desk, was on the verge of resignation because of the pressure on her. However, the murder decision of Agâh will completely change Nevra's life.

English Türkçe
  • Series ID 343271
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2018-03-17
  • Network puhutv
  • Runtime 65
  • Genres Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Airs 9:00 PM on Saturday
  • Rating TV-MA
  • IMDB tt7920978
  • Schedules Direct
  • Last Updated By sarah98j
  • Last Updated 06/26/2019 1:10am


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