Derek Ho, Singapore's first serial killer has been captured, tried and sentenced to death. A team of top psychologists is assigned to interview him. They must find out if he has any information on a list of women reported missing during the period of his killing spree.Dr Winnie Low, to break through to the stubbornly reticent Derek. Winnie, herself, is suffering from the scars of brutal attack by one of her former patients, Derek and Winnie form a dangerous bond as she discovers an old faded photograph among his personal belongings seized by the police: a photo of Derek with a young girl whose face cannot be seen. The investigating officers of Derek's case, cannot offer clues to the girl's identity, and neither can Derek's lawyer, Jacob Fernandez. Thus, Winnie embarks on a journey to solve the mystery, unlocking a secret deep within Derek's that gives her an insight into how he went from an ordinary man to extraordinary killer.



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