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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 1954 - 1963

    • BBC News

    Michael Buerk looks back at the birth of BBC Television News and how it showed the post-war world taking shape: the black and white era of Winston Churchill, the death of John F Kennedy and the birth of the pill, the Beatles and the permissive society.

  • S01E02 1964 - 1973

    • BBC News

    Charles Wheeler reflects on an age which saw America embroiled in the war in Vietnam, violent clashes over civil rights and Watergate; an age when 'mods' fought 'rockers' - and man landed on the moon.

  • S01E03 1974 - 1983

    • BBC News

    Kate Adie remembers the three-day week, the IRA's mainland bombing campaign, Charles and Diana and the arrival of Britain's first woman Prime Minister, whole political fortunes were transformed when she took the country to war over the Falklands.

  • S01E04 1984 - 1993

    • BBC News

    John Simpson looks at a decade of profound change. The Berlin Wall came down, while apartheid collapsed along with communism. Thatcher's Britain was transformed and tragedy came to Lockerbie, Enniskillen - and Ethiopia.

  • S01E05 1994 - 2004

    • BBC News

    Jeremy Bowen introduces the age of 24-hour news, when the world watched the September 11th attacks live on television. Diana was killed in Paris; Concorde made its last flight; there were wars in Europe, Afghanistan and Iraq; and a new war - the War on Terror.

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