500 Questions

A game show event where the smartest people in the country try to achieve the seemingly impossible task of answering 500 of the most difficult general knowledge questions ever devised. There’s only one simple rule: never get three wrong in a row—or you’re done. No saves, no helps, no multiple choice, “500 Questions” keeps you on the edge of your seat to see if any of these geniuses can do it. It is the ultimate test, where intellect, strategy, and stamina are all equally essential in order to win. New for season two is the addition of a bonus two-minute lightning round, which will challenge the contestant to answer as many questions as possible, without getting three wrong in a row, in an effort to earn more money to their bank and increase their overall score.

  • TheTVDB.com Series ID 295573
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2015-05-20
  • Network ABC (US)
  • Runtime 45
  • Genres Game Show
  • Airs 8:00 PM on Daily
  • Rating TV-PG
  • IMDB tt4591316
  • Schedules Direct SH0200771500
  • TV.com 195885
  • Last Updated By andrewr727
  • Last Updated 12/20/2018 4:20pm


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