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Season 1

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Name First Aired Runtime Image
S01E01 Iczer-3 Appears! The Earth Needs Me! September 25, 1990 25
S01E02 Insect, Insect, Giant Insect! Attack It With Iczer-Robo October 25, 1990 25
S01E03 Wild Aunty! Double-Attack Of Love!! December 10, 1990 25
S01E04 Gah! There's Two Of Me!? Super-Rival Atros Appears December 10, 1990 25
S01E05 Big Pinch! Scary Older Sister Iczer-2 Arrives February 25, 1990 25
S01E06 It's Terrible! It's Strong! It's Good-Looking! Iczer's Final Battle February 25, 1990 25



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