An Aussie Goes Barmy

Hugh Jackman and his mate of 32 years Gus Worland are both cricket mad. Gus has lived in England for nearly 20 years, has an English wife and 3 children. International Sports most famous supporter group “The Barmy Army” is planning to send out up to 40,000 supporters for the Ashes Series. Hugh has set Gus a challenge. His mission is to follow the Barmy Army from England to Australia and around the country for all 5 test matches. To infiltrate the group, to find the colourful characters and investigate what makes these fans turn from everyday people into ranting, raving, singing lunatics. Hugh often ribs Gus saying that he has lived in England so long now that he may as well be English… so they have had a big bet. The Bet Should England win the series “Aussie” Gus must join the Barmy Army and become an English supporter! How would you like your citizenship to rest on a Cricket Match? Our cameras will follow Gus and a handful of the key players from the Barmy Army around the country. Observe how they live and take the emotional roller coaster ride that is an Ashes Series from a fanatic’s point of view. Each episode will culminate in a test as the fans and the teams move around Australia to complete the 06/07 Ashes series. Will England retain the Ashes? Will Australia claim them back? Will Gus join the Barmy Army?

  • Series ID 79845
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2006-11-27
  • Network Fox8
  • Runtime 60
  • Genres Sport
  • Airs 08:00PM on Monday
  • Rating TV-PG
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