Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptians is a vivid realisation of life in the land of the Pharaohs at the time of the great dynasties. This stunning �5.65 million production, strikingly dramatized with state-of-the-art computer generated visual effects was three years in the making. Filmed on location in Egypt and Morocco, these four one-hour films tell the true stories of real people who lived in ancient Egypt. The stories have survived for thousands of years, scattered in the fragile pages of papyrus court records, letters and inscriptions. Ancient Egyptians takes us into a world of class conflict, corruption, heroism, family feuds and tragedy. These are compelling human tales, told through the words and deeds of real people: a poor quarryman arrested for tomb robbing, a inexperienced Pharaoh facing a threat to his kingdom, a family caught up in a violent feud, destitute twin girls struggling to survive in an unforgiving world. Their stories, which span 1,500 years, unfold against the backdrop of great events in the kingdom’s history and paint intimate and dramatic portraits of a rich and fascinating society. In recreating these ancient stories, wherever possible the characters’ real words and thoughts are used, in the ancient Egyptian language. Costume and design are based on meticulous research into the wealth of real material that has survived from ancient Egypt at different periods. Computer-generated visual effects play an important part in recreating the scale and visual richness of the ancient Egyptian’s world, whether it’s a working day in a temple, or an army on the march.

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  • Genres Documentary Drama
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