Ian, Tyrone and Sandi are stuck at school on a snow day after Ian builds a snowman out of grass ruining Mr. McCammon's field; Ken has a cutstomer called Mr.Eric dressed up as the Phantom of the opera wanting to buy an organ. He tells Ken that he has to get the organ to his house by midnight; Kyle, Korey and Ken get caught in a traffic jam on the way to Mr. Eric's. Kyle gets an idea and they all get out of the car and Kyle and Korey pull the trailer to a hill when Ken realises he forgot the address back at home. So he goes back to get it while Kyle and Korey take a break...while the trailer holding the organ rides down the hill. They catchh up to it and jump on and careen down another hill through the city. Vicky is watching the news bulletin where she sees her two boys go zooming through town on a loose trailer. Vicky to the rescue! She hops in her car and drives to where her boys are. they get in the car after hooking up the trailer to the car and drive to Mr. Eric's. Ken is there and knocks on the door. Mr. Eric answers it wearing a cook's apron. He slams the door and runs back inside, changes and comes out with his Phantom of The Opera outfit on. Vicky, Korey and Kyle come through the gate lifting the piano and getting as far as in the yard before they slip on Mr. Eric's walk and the piano falls apart. Mr. Eric then curses them and Ken blows a gaskit and tells everyone to get in the car. As the engine stars, Ken yells back to Mr. Eric not to expect the warranty to cover damges; Ian has gone crazy thinking that Tyrone is a Milkshake and Sandi is a hot dog. Tyrone lures Ian to the cafe on Sandi's orders and waits for her signal. Upon hearing her signal Ty and Ian rush to the other side of the school where Ian eats "the world's biggest dessert cake", tunneling through the doors and getting into the yard. Vicky shows up and gives them all a ride home.

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  • Episode Number 22
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Dennis Heaton, Jeff Biederman
  • Guest Stars Matt Hill (III), Patricia Drake, Richard Ian Cox, Ty Olsen, Louis Chirilla, Ian Corlett
  • Is Movie
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