Again Dr. Lewandowski faced with bad reviews on the internet. He is depressed. Talula supports him and encourages him to do something about it. Maybe it can help him here the weird system administrator Cara Koch, who works today on station. But she refuses. Sister Hanna goes to Betty and dr. Stern out of the way because she feels cheated by them. She lets both flash off. If system administrator Cara does not want to help defend the cyber mob, she should at least let herself be helped. Because she has a lot of trouble swallowing. But the help of Dr. Lewandowski refuses. She lacks confidence. Eleven-year-old Timo Mertens is brought to the clinic by his mother Jana. He has severe diarrhea, leg and hand pain. After a long search Dr. med. Star Fabry disease - a rare hereditary disease. The parents of Timo need to be tested. But it turns out that not even his mother knows where his father is. Knowing how much Timo longs to meet his dad, Betty goes in search of him.

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  • Originally Aired Friday, March 1, 2019
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