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One Day More - Part 1

Amy and Evan are attempting an undercover operation when their cover is blown and Matt is almost shot. Tom is still battling with, and coming to terms with, his cancer and knows that he should be taking his time and renewing ties with his estranged family. He is distracted when disgraced former police-officer Adam Cooper arrives in Mount Thomas, as a photocopier technician. Cooper, who was dismissed by Tom for corruption, attempts to frame Tom and accuses him of illegally selling stolen firearms following the bombing of the former Mount Thomas police station; these are accusations that Inspector Falcon-Price is gleeful to hear and he readily accepts them and grants Cooper anything he desires. Tom also helps fellow cancer suffer, Gina, in her final days and Heelers are left to pick up the pieces. Alex and Amy must prepare for Tom's approaching case, which he seems to have no care for at all, and they are stretched to breaking point. After the accusations against Tom, the Inspector announces that the Mount Thomas station is to close and the Heelers start to find new jobs, facing the fact that they must leave Mount Thomas. Finally, Cooper's scheme is foiled, it is announced that the station is to remain open and the Inspector leaves, very disappointed. 

Name Type Role
Richard Cawthorne Guest Star
Victoria Thaine Guest Star
Josh Lawson Guest Star
Neil Pigot Guest Star
Damian Walshe-Howling Guest Star
Mike Bishop Guest Star
Peta Doodson Guest Star
Louis Corbett Guest Star
Stephanie Millar Guest Star