Rhinoceroses Liz told the story of Clara the Rhinoceros, if you'd like to read more about her adventures, visit your local library as there's a book out called 'Clara's Grand Tour' by Glynis Ridley. Book Club The next book to be featured in the Blue Peter Book Club is 'SilverFin' by Charlie Higson published by Puffin. Find out more about Charlie Higson. Blue Peter: Past, Present and Future mural competition Artist Jon Hicks came on the show to demonstrate some tips on painting a mural. He recommended that: You keep the theme in mind and think about what Blue Peter actually means to you You make the design of your mural big and bold, so people really notice it when they first see it You use colours that would look good in the Blue Peter garden (but not wishy washy colours as they won't stand out). Dogs' Alphabet For the letter 'X' in our dogs' alphabet we're taking a look at the Xoloitzcuintle and for the letter Y Yorkshire Terrier.

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