Sir Patrick Moore 75 years ago, the most recently discovered planet in our solar system was discovered by an American called Clyde Tombaugh. The planet was called 'Pluto', a name chosen by an 11 year old girl from Oxford! To tell us about Pluto's discovery, Patrick Moore appeared on the show. It was Patrick's tenth appearance on Blue Peter since his first in December 1973, when he spent time comet spotting with presenter of the day, Peter Purves. To mark Patrick's many achievements, Simon awarded him a gold Blue Peter badge. The Blue Peter Asteroid Discovered on the 7th January 2000 by the Lowell Observatory, asteroid 16197 was this week officially named 'Bluepeter'. We were presented with the certificate by the International Astronomical Union. Asteroids must be named with one word, which is why blue and peter have been put together to ake 'Bluepeter'. We don't know its size but its brightness suggests that it is about 4km. At present it is about 2.5 AU (astronomical units) from

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