Wrestling Freestyle wrestling is a modern sport based on five thousand years of tradition. Many of the biggest stars in pro-wrestling entertainment began their careers in this sport, which features strength, speed and lots of different throws and attacks. If you want to get started, the British Wrestling Association welcomes complete beginners. There are special introductory courses, to teach boys and girls the basics and allow them to try the experience. It is essential that you enjoy yourself. If you stick with it, you will develop your strength, fitness and health. Along the way, you will gain confidence, self-reliance and resilience. Fossils Fossil hunter Dr. Douglas Palmer came in to the studio to explain how you are never that far away from a fossil - you may even be able to find them in the gravel in your back garden! Liz got tips on where to look, what to look for and what you might find. You can also try and win a book about Fossils. Check with your local museum or coun

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