Sight, Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing. Junior magician Jonathan Shotton was in the studio performing illusions to trick the eye. Jonathan has won junior championships for his tricks and show. He'll be performing in this years Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year competition which takes place in April. What you think of as taste, is actually flavour. You can only taste, sweet, sour, salt and bitter on your tongue. Anything else you think you are testing you are actually smelling. But what something looks like can also influence what you think you taste and smell. We put this to the test by offering two volunteers different drinks that had been coloured to disguise what their true flavour may be. The colours managed to fox the tasters entirely. Zöe's Hair In keeping with this Friday's theme for Comic Relief - The Big Hair Day. Zöe has her hair styled so that it looks like a hat for a Comic Relief fashion show. It may sound simple, but it takes all day to get her hair to stay in its

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