Mary Poppins 'Mary Poppins' is currently playing at the Prince Edward Theatre in London. Giant Shopping Trolley You would probably expect actor Ewan McGregor to travel through space to be with us, or to ride in to the studio on a motorbike, but not on Blue Peter. On today's show, he was transported into the studio on a three and a half metre tall shopping trolley! Valiant and Robots Ewan McGregor came in to tell us all about the making of his latest movies 'Valiant' and 'Robots'. In 'Valiant', Ewan plays the part of a little wood pigeon with big dreams. He, along with his misfit friends, battle against all odds to triumph where their much better qualified collegues have failed. Ewan also leads a band of unruly misfits who triumph against all the odds in another animated film, 'Robots'. Rodney Copperbottom (voiced by Ewan) and his sidekick Fender (voiced by Robin Williams) are fighting against the forces of evil, who are determined to rid the world of the friendly out–moded

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