Paint a Plane We unveiled the winning design from the Paint a Plane competition. It was painted on to the side of a Boeing 757 and will be seen flying around the world. Cheerleading The Ascension Cheerleaders spurred our winners on with an impressive pom pom and tumbling display. The Ascension cheerleaders have won more titles than any British cheer team and have recently launched the London Cheerleading Academy (LCA). Cheerleading is a fun energetic sport. Madonna, Britney Spears, Julia Roberts, and Kirsten Dunst are all former cheerleaders. Einstein Flip A unique BMX flip was performed for the first time ever on live television. A member of Team Extreme successfully completed this 360-degree back-flip. A physicist came up with the stunt with the help of Team Extreme to mark the launch of Einstein Year - The Year of Physics. Einstein was also a keen cyclist and it is thought that inspiration for his theory of Relativity came to him while riding his bicycle.

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