Dolls' Kitchen Konnie made a beautiful kitchen for dolls on the show using lots of cardboard and a great deal of imagination. Today's show featured part two of this make Thai New Year This is a week of celebration for Thai people as it's the Buddhist New Year so ""Sawadee Pi Mai krap/ka"" to you! The Thai people celebrate in a very unusual way - they throw water over each other. This is meant to symbolise the washing away of sins and renewal. Water is used to clense Buddha as a mark of respect and as a blessing from the young to the old. Some Thais in the UK celebrated on Sunday but the celebrations in Thailand will last for three days from 13th April. This is the most important event in the Thai calendar. It may be a bit chilly to soak people over here, but in Thailand this is the height of the Hot season, so the water is more than welcome. Blue Peter celebrated the Thai New year at Television Centre and the presenters and guests got a good old soaking! Colditz Is a

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