Superheroes In the studio today, Konnie, Matt, Liz and Zöe got all togged up in their superhero costumes and uncovered a few of the tricks of the film trade that give ordinary actors their superpowers. To find out who you voted for as your favourite superheroes, check the superhero page. Konnie was Wonder Woman, Matt was Superman, Liz was Elastigirl, Zöe was Cat Woman, and someone else was dressed as Batman: it was Gethin Jones, Blue Peter presenter number 31. What a way to make your debut on Blue Peter! A big welcome to Gethin who will be answering your questions in a Star Chat at 5.30pm on Wednesday 27th April so you can ask him any questions that you have for him. Blue Peter Expedition 2005 competition We gave you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the all star UK premiere of the new Star Wars movie. We gave clues to the letters that spell the country that Blue Peter are exploring this year. It's not that easy, as even when you have all the letters, you still need to

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