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  • S02E01 Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef?

    • March 21, 1995
    • CBS

    Amos Burke sniffs out celebrity chef's circle of friends -- who are ingrediants for a recipe for murder.

  • S02E02 Who Killed the Motorcar Maverick?

    • April 14, 1995
    • CBS

    The president of an electric-car company comes to a dead end while demonstrating his sleek prototype.

  • S02E03 Who Killed the Gadget Man?

    • April 22, 1995
    • CBS

    When a ruthless tv-infomercial producer with a host of enemies is murdered, suspicions fall on 5 of his disgruntled staffers.

  • S02E04 Who Killed the Highest Bidder?

    • April 28, 1995
    • CBS

    The buyer of a reputedly cursed onyx jaguar is found with his throat slashed.

  • S02E05 Who Killed Mr. Game Show?

    • May 5, 1995
    • CBS

    Amos quizzes the stars and staff of a game show called ""Hangman"" to find clues to a gallows style murder of the show's ruthless producer.

  • S02E06 Who Killed the Lifeguard?

    • May 25, 1995
    • CBS

    Case of a playboy lifeguard murdered in his swimming pool, is teeming with suspects.

  • S02E07 Who Killed the Centerfold?

    • June 1, 1995
    • CBS

    Death comes to model after a photo shoot.

  • S02E08 Who Killed the Movie Mogul?

    • June 8, 1995
    • CBS

    Amos and Peter scare up a cast of suspects in the ghoulish murder of a horror movie mogul ( Joseph Bologna).

  • S02E09 Who Killed the Toy Maker?

    • June 15, 1995
    • CBS

    A toy company president ( Adam West) meets his amker after his stuffed animal explodes in his hands.

  • S02E10 Who Killed Cock-a-Doodle Dooley?

    • June 22, 1995
    • CBS

    Foul play is suspected in the death of a fried chicken entreprenuer who ruffled more than a few feathers and then was run down like crossin the road.

  • S02E11 Who Killed the King of the Country Club?

    • July 6, 1995
    • CBS

    The greedy Owner of a sports club turns up dead.

  • S02E12 Who Killed the Sweet Smell of Success?

    • July 13, 1995
    • CBS

    The Chief smeels murder in the scent of a perfumist( Monte Markham), whos heavenly new scent had him on cloud 9.

  • S02E13 Who Killed the Hollywood Headshrinker?

    • July 20, 1995
    • CBS

    Someone in a shrink's group-therapy sessions wants to terminate the therapy - and the therapist.

  • S02E14 Who Killed the Tennis Ace?

    • July 27, 1995
    • CBS

    An egotistical and egocentric tennis player named Spider is killed by a venomous spider. Spider is an old friend of Peter's. They investigate and discover that he was not a very nice man. His former mixed doubles partner and ex-wife, blames him for ending her career. His manager was about to fired. His girlfriend who is a bit crazy, who catches him with other women. But ultimately it was his benefactor, who is the killer. It seems that Spider didn't care about anything except himself, and his benefactor feels that it was his fault that he turned out the way he did, so he had to put a stop to him.