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Season 1

  • S01E01 Donkeys and Dollars

    • January 8, 2012

    Settle in for some southern hospitality as the Cajun Pawn Stars face the most expensive item to ever breeze through their doors. Pairs of 5 and 10 thousand dollar bills, will this rare currency inflate to the tune of one million or will the guys find something funny with this money? Then, Jimmie drives down memory lane to find a 1930s Bonnie and Clyde model Ford. Can Jimmie fire on all pistons to make a deal or will negotiations come to a screeching halt? And later, the shop meets a regular customer looking to pawn his herd of donkeys. Known for his soft spot for animals, will Jimmie make room at his Silver Dollar zoo or is he biting off more than he can chew?

  • S01E02 Sweet and Sour

    • January 8, 2012

    Come spin up some excitement with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a rare long lost first album by rock and country legend Jerry Lee Lewis. Will the gang put up some serious cash to make some sweet music or will a sour note cause the deal to tumble from the charts? Then, a local Deputy Sheriff tries to sell his Civil War era Colt Dragoon revolver. Hoping the cash will help pay for his daughter's wedding, will the guys have their sights set to foot the bill for the filet mignon or will they choose bologna rolls? And later, Jimmie and Tammie look to befriend in a mischievous pygmy goat for sale. Will this tiny animal fit itself into a great buy or will this pint-sized goat have too much of an adult-sized price?

  • S01E03 Shoeshine Mike

    • January 15, 2012

    Get ready to rev your engines when a classic "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee Charger screeches by the shop. Will the DeRamus brothers jump into hot pursuit for this iconic muscle car or will negotiations leave them in the dust? Then, the guys look to polish themselves up a deal on a giant 1920s shoeshine stand. In need of serious repair, will Jimmie use some good old fashion elbow grease to buff out a shine or is this one destined to walk out the door? And later, Jimmie and Johnnie dissect whether a surgeon's field medical kit was used during the Civil War. Will their prognosis be to fork over stacks of cash or will they seek out a second opinion?

  • S01E04 Money Bzzzness

    • January 15, 2012

    Check out the sweetest deal in town as the Cajun Pawn Stars look to get into the beekeeping business. Will they be swarming over the buzz of huge profits or will negotiations lead to a very sore sting? Then, the guys have the opportunity to buy a rare military grade sniper rifle. Will Jimmie bet the farm to show he's a long-range crackshot or will the seller quietly shoot holes in his claims? And later, a customer regular lugs in a steel hatch he believes is from a World War II submarine. Will he discover the true origins of this hefty hunk or will he find the weight of the deal just can't stay afloat?

  • S01E05 Joker's Big Score

    • January 22, 2012

    Jump into pursuit with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they chase down a classic 1951 Chevy Deluxe police car. Will the guys fire up the siren to signal their amazing collar or will they be asked to step out of the car? Then, a seller hopes to sell his stock Special Forces M4 Carbine semi-automatic rifle. With ideas of tricking it out, can Johnnie get the deal get locked and loaded or will it end up shooting blanks? And later, has shop regular Joker finally stumbled upon something worthwhile at a local yard sale? Bringing in a silver and turquoise leather belt, will Joker at long last hit the big score or is he destined to strike out yet again?

  • S01E06 Trick or Trade

    • January 22, 2012

    Get ready to rev your engines when a classic "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee Charger screeches by the shop. Will the DeRamus brothers jump into hot pursuit for this iconic muscle car or will negotiations leave them in the dust? Then, the guys look to polish themselves up a deal on a giant 1920s shoeshine stand. In need of serious repair, will Jimmie use some good old fashion elbow grease to buff out a shine or is this one destined to walk out the door? And later, Jimmie and Johnnie dissect whether a surgeon's field medical kit was used during the Civil War. Will their prognosis be to fork over stacks of cash or will they seek out a second opinion?

  • S01E07 Joker's Wild

    • February 6, 2012

    Go treasure hunting with the Cajun Pawn Stars as the guys hope they've discovered a 1700's pristine flintlock gun brought to Louisiana by pirates. Can they prove this rifled booty is worth a King's ransom or is it just fools gold? Then, Jimmie travels through country music history as he checks out an old Greyhound bus that may have belonged to country music legend Barbara Mandrell. Will Jimmie pay the right fare for this super-sized ride or will he leave it in the dust? And later, regular customer Joker steers into the shop to sell his motorized wheelchair. Can Johnnie and Fred fire off on all cylinders with an idea to create the coolest ride in town or will Joker be rolling out empty handed?

  • S01E08 Speed Demons

    • February 6, 2012

    Soar up through the skies with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they have the opportunity to buy a rare World War II biplane. Will Jimmie reach new heights to land this deal or will negotiations fall short on the runway? Then, a unique piece of presidential history finds it's way into the shop--a strand of Abraham Lincoln's hair. Will Jimmie make a proclamation of scoring big on this tiny lock or will he be left taking a haircut. And later, a familiar customer hopes to sell his super speedy Mako fishing boat. Will Johnnie and Tammie take a chance to zoom through Louisiana's bayou or will lines get crossed and they get stuck with a sinking ship?

Season 2

  • S02E01 Gimme Some Skin

    • June 4, 2012

    Set your sights with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a pristine 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). The gun of choice for bank-robbing duo Bonnie and Clyde, will the guys be able to pull the trigger on a deal or will negotiations get jammed up? Then, appearances may not be what they seem when a Porsche 917 racecar roars by the shop. A car with considerable flash, will Jimmie make a high-octane offer or will one look at the engine drive him away? And later, Johnnie looks to keep his cool when an eleven-foot Anaconda skin slithers its way up to the counter. Is there profit to be squeezed out of this lengthy hide or will a roll of the dice yield an unlucky pair of snake eyes?

  • S02E02 Some Pig

    • June 6, 2012

    Pigs fly at Silver Dollar when shop regular "Shoe Shine" Mike rolls in with his champion show pig. Will Jimmie have his eyes set on the prize or will negotiation get stuck in the mud? Then, Jimmie and Tammie check out an early 1900s hydraulic dentist chair. In need of serious restoration, will the deal drill a hole in Jimmie's pocket or will he have the winning smile? And later, Joker saunters in with a walking stick he believes belonged to Native American legend Geronimo. Will this piece from the Apache Chief be worth huge stacks of cash or will an arrow be shot through Joker's story?

  • S02E03 Buy George!

    • June 6, 2012

    Time stands still as the Cajun Pawn Stars encounter a 1790's pocket watch from Founding Father George Washington. A priceless piece, will Jimmie act in time to make a deal or will the ticking offer wind out? Then, the guys look to climb aboard a humongous Mardi Gras float. Will Jimmie bid high for the ultimate Cajun chariot or will he decide to let the parade pass him by? And later, Johnnie and Yankee are bayou bound to check out an antique bateau. One of Louisiana's first swamp boats, can Johnnie navigate the murky waters to a safe landing, or will negotiations put him in choppy waters?

  • S02E04 Little House on the Bayou

    • June 13, 2012

    It's ship ahoy when the Cajun Pawn Stars jump on board a houseboat on the bayou. Will the guys decide this floating flophouse is worth a wave of cash or will they send this deal adrift? Then, Johnnie and Yankee check out a legendary American car--a '66 Ford Mustang. In extremely rough shape, will Johnnie see the potential and pony-up an offer or will things sputter out before they get started? And later, a rare Civil War document marches into the shop detailing the history of a Texas cavalry sharpshooter. Will Jimmie hit the bulls-eye and score or will this deal blow up in his face?

  • S02E05 Under the Gun

    • June 13, 2012

    Step into the trenches with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they set their sights on a rare WWI military periscope rifle. Will Jimmie ambush the seller with a once in a lifetime offer or will lines be drawn for an epic standoff? Then, a local resident known as Bayou Bob hopes to sell his massive engine from the 1890s called "The Mechanical Marvel." Can the guys turn their curiosity into cash or will they churn out more questions than answers? And later, Johnnie is shocked to learn a 1950s military field phone also doubled as an electric torture device. Will his hair be standing on end to make a great buy or will negotiations get overcharged and fizzle out?

  • S02E06 Trigger Finger

    • June 20, 2012

    Take aim with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a rare 1921 Tommy gun. Made famous by Hollywood gangster movies, will Jimmie pull the trigger on a great deal or will his nerves of excitement cause him to miss the target? Then, Jimmie and Tammie meet a guy looking to sell a land grant signed by President Andrew Jackson. The last president to personally sign these documents, will Jimmie make an executive decision to secure this piece or will the deliberations get vetoed? And later, Joker believes he's struck it rich with a scarce pristine 1929 gold coin. Potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars, will Johnnie look to fork over a pretty penny or will he find Joker has embarked on a fool's errand?

  • S02E07 Cash Cow

    • June 20, 2012

    Burn some rubber with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they shift gears to check out a classic 1990 Ferrari 348. Will Johnnie rev up stacks of cash for this super fast ride or will he push negotiations into the red and blow the deal? Then, it's udder madness when the guys visit customer regular Gerald's dairy farm for a business opportunity. Can Johnnie and Robby milk themselves some serious profit or will the proposal quickly sour? And later, a man brings in a rare late 1800s French gun that combines brass knuckles, a knife blade and a revolver all in one. Will the gang be able to fold all the moving parts into one great price or will a jam cause discussions to misfire?

  • S02E08 Fire Sale

    • June 27, 2012

    Sound the alarms as the Cajun Pawn Stars race to check out a 1975 Mac Fire Truck. Can the guys get there in time to raise a high offer or will negotiations leave them burned? Then, Johnnie gets tied up in knots when a rusty old bent railroad track known as a Sherman Necktie steamrolls its way into the shop. Twisted railway from the Civil War, will this metal command a hefty price or will the deal quickly unravel? And later, shop regular Joker pops by in hopes of selling his classic 1950s popcorn machine. Can he butter-up the guys to scoop up some serious cash or will he peddle his kernels elsewhere?

  • S02E09 High Caliber

    • June 27, 2012

    Come experience shock and awe as the Cajun Pawn Stars take aim at a powerful WWII 50-caliber gun. Will the guys fire off an explosive offer or will they suddenly find themselves gun shy? Then, Jimmie and Tina are sent into orbit when someone brings in photos from Apollo 13's legendary splashdown and rescue in the Pacific Ocean. Will Jimmie shoot for the moon for these NASA pics or will the seller's ask be too far out of this world? And later, the shop stumbles upon a 1880s railroad lockbox thought stolen by notorious train robber and outlaw Eugene Bunch. Can Jimmie round up a posse in time to crack negotiations or will the hefty price tag have him reaching for the skies?

  • S02E10 Double-Edged Pawn

    • July 11, 2012

    Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they unsheathe a pair of Union Civil War swords. Will the guys advance with enough cash to secure these weapons or will tough negotiations force them to sound a retreat? Then, Johnnie and Walt kick the tires of a classic 1931 Ford Model A Cabriolet. Will the fellas drive away with this classic beauty or will the deal completely break down? And later, Jimmie looks to put a leash on an iconic Blue Dog print from one of his favorite artists. Will this piece find a new home at the shop or does price keep them from shaking hands?

  • S02E11 Gone Fishin'

    • July 11, 2012

    Harmonize with some Cajun flair when a seller brings in a rare 1915 Gibson duel harp guitar. Will Jimmie hit a string of good luck by making a deal or will a bad chord leave things unsound? Then, Johnnie and Fred look to get their hands dirty by checking out a crawfish business. Will the guys dig deep to fish out their wallets or will negotiations become too slippery to hold? And later, Jimmie has the opportunity to buy a disposable handgun dropped behind enemy lines during WWII. Known as `The Liberator,' can Jimmie pull the trigger on this sale or is the seller just blowing smoke?

  • S02E12 Cash Kart

    • July 18, 2012

    See the Cajun Pawn Stars fire off all cylinders as they check out an ultra fast racing go-kart. In need of serious repair, can the guys go full throttle to reach the finish line or will negotiations sputter out of gas? Then, Johnnie and Walt stand on tips of their toes as an enormous lion leaps into the shop. Stuffed and mounted as a display piece, will they drop a net to seize this beast or will the fail to act quick enough to lock it up? And later, a man stops by aiming to sell his rare double barrel knife pistol. Will this unusual weapon hold the secret to Jimmie's wallet or will his offer be unable to stick the target?

  • S02E13 Springing Forward

    • July 18, 2012

    Looks may be deceiving when the Cajun Pawn Stars inspect a pristine 1866 Springfield Trapdoor rifle. Will the seller shoot them straight or will appearances be too good to be true? Then, a man brings in a rare Native American artifact he believes ties to an early U.S. peace treaty. Will the shop unearth its historical significance or will a lack on understanding bring discussions to a halt? And later, Jimmie saddles up as a very young picker tries to make a deal on a Civil War U.S. Cavalry horse bit. Will Jimmie charge ahead to make a deal or will "The Kid" prefer to keep horsin' around?

  • S02E14 Bird Brains

    • July 25, 2012

    Watch the Cajun Pawn Stars strut their stuff as Johnnie and Yankee check out a muster of peacocks. Will our fine-feathered friends be able to hatch a deal or will they end up with an empty nest? Then, Jimmie is called to duty when a rare German WWI Luger pistol comes up for sale. Will negotiations be right on target or will a misfire send the seller packing? And later, Johnnie hears sweet music when a rare vintage Monarch accordion bellows into the shop. Will Johnnie be able to orchestrate a sound investment or will discussions spiral out of tune?

  • S02E15 Knocked Up

    • July 25, 2012

    The Cajun Pawn Stars may be headed towards a baby boom after shop regular Joker rolls into the shop with an African fertility chair. Will Joker walk away with a new addition to his savings account or will his nest stay empty? Then, Jimmie and Johnnie step into the trenches to check out a pair of WWI Army knives. Will they look to sharpen their negotiation skills or will they be forced to retreat? And later, Johnnie and Tammie hope to jam with a seller's 1971 Fender Precision Bass guitar. Will they be able to hit a high note or will this deal fall flat?

  • S02E16 All Shook Up

    • August 1, 2012

    Go off-roading with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out an all terrain vehicle original--a 1950s U.S. Army Jeep. Complete with a replica machine gun, will the guys be on the move to secure this objective or will a bump in the road have them sound the retreat? Then, Jimmie and Tammie get all shook up when a scarf worn by Elvis during one of his concert swings by. Can they land this piece of rock and roll royalty or will an overexcited price have it leave the building? And later, Tammie and Walt think about tapping into the shop's reserves drumming up a vintage 1960s gas pump. Will they see a high-octane value or has the well already run dry?

  • S02E17 Mail to the Chief

    • August 1, 2012

    See the Cajun Pawn Stars cast their vote for a letter penned by a college-aged future President...Bill Clinton. Will the guys mount a fierce campaign for this pre-Presidential correspondence or will lack of funds force them to drop out of the race? Then, Jimmie and Tammie mix work and play when they check out a Ferris wheel and other amusement park rides. Can they grease the wheel enough to spin a sale or are their wallets now tall enough for entry? And later, Jimmie sets his sights on an 1895 Colt Navy revolver with an extremely rare and valuable defect. Will Jimmie take a gamble on this gun with the golden glitch or is it not worth taking a shot?

Season 3

  • S03E01 This Little Piggy

    • September 12, 2012

    Stand and sing with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out original handwritten lyrics to one of our nation's best-known anthems, My Country Tis of Thee. Can the guys orchestrate securing this piece of homeland harmony or will they cringe when negotiations hit a sour note? Then, Jimmie is tempted to go hog wild over buying a vintage coin-operated kiddie pig ride. Does his plan include taking this little piggy all the way home or will this mechanical swine opt to root somewhere else? And later, Johnnie and Tammie scope out a Bulgarian version of Russia's popular AK rifle. Can they squeeze the trigger on making a deal or are their offers completely off target?

  • S03E02 Going Medieval

    • September 19, 2012

    Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they go to battle for a rare medieval Saxon helmet believed to be from 1100 A.D. Will Tammie and Johnnie embark on a tireless quest to capture this historic prize or will heated negotiations force a full retreat? Then, one of the very first X-Men comic books blasts its way into the shop. Will the guys unleash their special powers to make a heroic deal or will they be outmatched by a villainous price? And later, shop regular Chester hopes to hunt down some cash for his crossbow. Will Chester discover he's hit a bull s-eye or will an errant shot throw him completely off target?

  • S03E03 4-Wheelin' Deals

    • September 26, 2012

    Come see the Cajun Pawn Stars prepare for a presidential visit as they hope to secure a series of letters signed by Richard Nixon. Will the guys inaugurate a buy or will the whole deal get vetoed? Then, the wheels get a turnin' when Tammie and Johnnie check out a customized ATV. Will negotiations be smooth sailing or are they in for one very bumpy ride? And later, Johnnie and Walt duck for cover when a pair of British Tower rifles walks through the doors. Will the guys bite the bullet and lay out some serious cash or will their offer fail to ignite excitement? TVPG

  • S03E04 Batter Up

    • October 3, 2012

    Put on your game face with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they step up to the plate for a signed Ted Williams baseball bat that an expert must authenticate. Jimmie enters tough negotiations for a mourning armband worn during Abraham Lincoln s funeral. And, Johnnie and Walt report for duty when a 24-karat, gold-plated M16 gun commemorating the capture of Saddam Hussein blasts into the shop.

  • S03E05 All Jazzed Up

    • October 10, 2012

    It s a wonderful world on this episode of Cajun Pawn Stars when a drummer s pad signed by legendary music artist Louis Armstrong swings by the shop. Jimmie is intrigued by three full, unopened Prohibition-era whiskey bottles that are brought in...and Tammie sets her sights on a WWII Inglis pistol. Can she hit the mark to buy this unique weapon or will her offer completely miss the target?

  • S03E06 Seat of Horns

    • October 17, 2012

    Get blown away with Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out an old hunting rifle believed to have belonged to George Washington. Will the appraisal force the shop to cough up some big bucks? In addition, an old friend of Jimmie's wants to sell his twelve-foot Native American-styled totem pole. And Cajun shop regular Gerard shows up with a chair made out of cattle horns.

  • S03E07 Gone With the Pawn

    • October 24, 2012

    Get ready for some down home cookin' when the Cajun Pawn Stars consider buying a massive 40 foot BBQ pit on wheels. Plus, a seller isn't horsin around when he gallops into the shop to unload his miniature horse. And a customer looks to buy a prop gun from the movie classic Gone with the Wind. Will Jimmie give up one of his most prized possessions or will he frankly "not give a damn"?

  • S03E08 Silver Dollar Spook-tacular

    • October 31, 2012

    Jimmie challenges his staff to a scary Halloween costume contest...with a day off as first prize. In keeping with the holiday spirit, the Cajun Pawn Stars are offered a 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse and a Sleepy Hollow movie collectible with a Johnny Depp autograph.

  • S03E09 Shotgun Bowling

    • November 7, 2012

    The Cajun Pawn Stars put a new twist on an old classic when they go bowling--Southern style. Using a shotgun, see the gang try to score some strikes on their day at the range. Plus, there s a lot to comb through for Jimmie when a local hairdresser stops by to purchase some famous locks. And, a custom LSU-themed chopper signed by former head coach Nick Saban rolls up to the shop.

  • S03E10 Shaken and Stirred

    • November 7, 2012

    Ride along with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they test-drive a rare James Bond-type Aston Martin...and decide whether it's worth the six-figure asking price. Plus, Johnnie tries to secure the rights to a land grant signed by President James Madison. And, local musician Wade Benson Landry swings by the shop to sell one of his famous-designer rhinestone stage suits.

  • S03E11 Pawn 'n Chain

    • November 14, 2012

    Jimmie and Tammie check out a 1960s voting machine, a customer comes in to sell his 1970 s Mego super hero action figures, and Jimmie tries to lock down a price on an old Mississippi prison ball and chain.

  • S03E12 Little Bender

    • November 14, 2012

    Strap in for a ride with the Cajun Pawn Stars when shop regular Chester tries to sell them a motorized Coca Cola mini car. Will the guys give Chester the green light or will they be forced to slam on the brakes? Plus, Johnnie comes across a very rare collection of WWII Japanese tank items. And, Jimmie faces seeing one of his favorite movie prop items from Dances with Wolves fly out of his hands.

  • S03E13 A Whole Lotta Jerry Lee Going On

    • November 21, 2012

    Join the Cajun Pawn Stars for a rock-n-roll history lesson when they meet the woman at the epicenter of the 1950s Jerry Lee Lewis child bride scandal. Jimmie and Johnnie then hope checking out a 1930s Rail Bus doesn't go off the track. And Tammie corrals her pop to check out a camel named Chewy owned by shop regular Gerald.

  • S03E14 Jimmie at the Bat

    • November 21, 2012

    The Cajun Pawn Stars get a lesson in farming when they check out an antique corn grading machine. A signed Jackie Robinson baseball lands in the shop, but will Jimmie hit a home run during negotiations? And, after checking out a customized Harley Road King, Johnnie gets to live out a childhood fantasy when he goes on a ride along with deputy sheriff and shop regular Chester.

  • S03E15 Pair of Jokers

    • November 28, 2012

    Country musician Ronnie McDowell and drummer D. J. Fontana pay a visit, where Ronnie spots a signed George Jones guitar in the display case. Jimmie said that he's willing to part with it -- in exchange for not just money, but also the Lord Elgin watch that Ronnie is wearing, which Elvis Presley once wore on his television debut in the 1950s. Other items featured include a ventriloquist's dummy, a Cajun boat, and the original Furby.

  • S03E16 Jimmie's Last Stand

    • November 28, 2012

    Items featured include an antique Maytag washing machine from the 1920s, a bust of General George Custer, a model Lone Ranger frontier town cut out from boxes of Cheerios, and a trunk claimed to have been owned by Ernest Hemmingway.

  • S03E17 Ice Chip Off the Old Block

    • December 5, 2012

    Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they explore the monstrous myth that is Bigfoot when a "certified" lock of his hair stomps into the shop. Jimmie gets excited over a commemorative gun of World War I hero Alvin York. And, Jimmie and Tammie check out a unique snow cone concession stand--will they scoop up a cool deal or will the seller's price freeze them out?

  • S03E18 Paintball Cajun Style

    • December 5, 2012

    Going... going.... gone? Join the Cajun Pawn Stars as they try to hit a homerun when a rare 1932 Game 3 World Series program--that features Babe Ruth's infamous called shot--slides into the shop. Store regular Chester stops by with what he believes is a 1903 Remington rifle. And, a personal check signed by screen legend Judy Garland sends Jimmie over the rainbow. But will he be able to click his heels and secure this unique piece of history or will this deal end in a wicked meltdown.

  • S03E19 Mumbo Gumbo

    • December 12, 2012

    A handmade Native American bison jacket; a cannon that was supposedly used in the Colfax Massacre of 1873.

  • S03E20 Horseplay

    • December 12, 2012

    Charge! Go back to the battlefield with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out a collection of historic Civil War projectiles. Tammie and Johnnie try to lasso a deal on an antique toy horse. And, a customer walks in with a very rare weapon--a 1913 pistol sword. Will Jimmie be able to slash his price and secure this unique item or will he be shot down?

  • S03E21 Really Gotta Go Kart

    • December 26, 2012

    Start your engines with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out an old go-kart that, with the help of Yankee's powers of restoration, has the potential to become something extraordinary. Johnnie encounters a high end government document that contains handwritten notes from former President Dwight Eisenhower. And, shop regular Gerard stops by to sell a classic Ernst Roth bass fiddle.

  • S03E22 Jimmie's Increasingly Bad Day

    • December 26, 2012

    Place your bets with the Cajun Pawn Stars as they check out an antique, but beat-up, 1930s horse race gambling machine. Jimmie fiddles with the idea of buying a rare Martin Guitar even though his music expert is out of town. And, it's father vs. daughter when Tammie bets her dad she can make a profit on a unique bar-on-wheels. Will Jimmie end up triumphant in all his dealings or will this turn out to be a bad day for Big Daddy?

  • S03E23 Dog Duty

    • December 30, 2012

    Episode Synopsis: A 1950s Space Commander ride; a chair that allegedly belonged to former Louisiana governor and U.S. senator Huey Long

  • S03E24 Where's the Fire?

    • December 30, 2012

    Episode Synopsis: A 1929 Ford fire engine; an Easy-Bake Oven from the early 1970s. Also: Bruce Mitchell ("Swamp People") shops for a gun.

  • S03E25 Yankee Magic

    • January 10, 2013

    Get star struck with the Cajun Pawn Stars when country singer Tracy Lawrence stops by the shop looking to sell his 1920s Martin guitar and a colorful 1960s suit from singer/songwriter Hank Snow. Jimmie tries not to get thrown off when negotiating for a mechanical bull. And, shop regular Joker tries to clean up on a deal for what he calls a "Cajun hot tub."

  • S03E26 The King and His Crown

    • January 10, 2013

    Get all shook up with the Cajun Pawn Stars when the shop gets an opportunity to buy a very unique piece of Elvis--his tooth. Johnnie inspects a vintage Batman marionette. And, Jimmie proves a pawnbroker never takes a break when he sets his eyes on a 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine while he's out to lunch with his wife and Tammie. Will Big Daddy ride home in style or will his wheeling and dealing make him miss lunch and cause family friction?

  • S03E27 Oh Say Can You Pawn?

    • January 10, 2013

    Hit the road with the Cajun Pawn Stars when they head to shop-regular Bayou Bob's place to see a restored 1927 Chevy Roadster. Jimmie checks out a very rare zebra/donkey hybrid called a zedonk. And, a promissory note signed by Francis Scott Key has the shop feeling patriotic, but will Jimmie swing a star-spangled deal or will negotiations go off-key.