Christianity: The First Two Thousand Years

From the Crucifixion to the Crusades, the Reformation to the sweeping changes of Vatican II, CHRISTIANITY: THE FIRST TWO THOUSAND YEARS takes a comprehensive loot at the events and people who have influenced and been a part of the epic journey that is the evolution of the faith. Drawing on the ancient texts, the Scriptures, commentary from renowned scholars, and visits to the multitude of sites where history was made, CHRISTIANITY: THE FIRST TWO THOUSAND YEARS is the most complete account of the history of one of the world's most important religions. It chronicles not just the events and personalities that left indelible marks on the landscape of faith, but also the forces behind them.

  • Series ID 265526
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2000-04-13
  • Network A&E
  • Runtime 45
  • Genres Documentary
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  • Rating TV-G
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