Classic Concentration

After a fourteen-year absense from network daytime television, "Concentration" returned as "Classic Concentration", with an updated version based on the original series. Two contestants competed against each other to solve a rebus puzzle by matching pairs of prizes on a twenty-five-square game board. With each match, two parts of the puzzle were revealed. The first player to correctly identify the puzzle won the game and all prizes earned by him or her during the round. Also on the board were "wild cards", which formed automatic matches with whatever prizes were behind the number called (The original "Concentration" was played on a thirty-square board with additional pieces called "Forfeit One Gift" and "Take One Gift" mixed into the game). The winner played a bonus matching game for a new car. Hidden behind fifteen numbers were seven matching prize cards for different cars and one car that did not match. The object was to match all seven cars in the allotted time, with the last matched being the car won. There was a base time of thirty-five seconds to complete the matching, with an additional five seconds added for each time the car was not won (in the original version there was no bonus game). In November 1987, the "Take One Gift" was returned to the main game, and in February 1988 a second "Take" was added. Players had the option of using the "take" after they made the match or holding it and suing it after they made any other match in the game. From July 4, 1988 to June 1990, contestants played a best two-out-of-three puzzle game match to determine who got a chance to play the bonus game for a new car. Beginning with the June 30,1990 show, the winner of each puzzle game played for a new car. There were two car games each day. Players remained on the show until they won a car or lost two games. A "cash pot" prize was added to one game on each show in November 1989. The value of the pot started at $500 with $100 added each day until it was won. A

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  • Status Ended
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  • Networks NBC
  • Runtimes 25 minutes (72 episodes)
  • Genres Game Show
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