Classmates 2

Due to "family circumstances," Kondou Makoto is living with his childhood girlfriend, Narasawa Yui, and her mother. Although Yui is obviously attracted to her "onii-chan," he remains oblivious and pursues the numerous girls who conveniently cross his path, providing them with help, comfort, and of course, sexual healing. Eventually, he finds himself seriously attracted to a girl named Izumi. What will become of Yui and her lifelong crush on Makoto? Will Aritomo the rich snob catch Yui on the rebound? Will Yoshiki the perverted photographer get incriminating photos of every female in their school? This anime is the first "dating sim (or PC ero game) turned TV anime series" ever aired on independent UHF broadcasting stations (TV Kanagawa, TV Saitama, Chiba TV, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto etc.). The original OAV series is adult. However, the adult scenes are deleted in the broadcast version.

English 日本語
  • Series ID 273223
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 1996-03-22
  • Network Anime OAV
  • Runtime 30
  • Genres Animation
  • Airs
  • Rating TV-MA
  • IMDB
  • Schedules Direct
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  • Last Updated 12/31/2017 12:45am


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