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Season 1

  • S01E01 Episode 1

    • October 20, 2014
    • BBC One

    When a family car catches fire in the lion enclosure at a safari park, there's no way out.

  • S01E02 Episode 2

    • October 21, 2014
    • BBC One

    CCTV captures the moment a motorbike hits a car, catapulting a couple through the air.

  • S01E03 Episode 3

    • October 22, 2014
    • BBC One

    A camera in a train cab captures the moment a woman is pulled from the track to safety.

  • S01E04 Episode 4

    • October 23, 2014
    • BBC One

    A six-year-old girl takes charge after her mother falls into a coma at the wheel.

  • S01E05 Episode 5

    • October 24, 2014
    • BBC One

    A road worker tells the tale of what happens when drivers do not see the cones.

  • S01E06 Episode 6

    • October 27, 2014
    • BBC One

    A 70-year-old pilot is hurled out of his glider after a mid-air collision.

  • S01E07 Episode 7

    • October 28, 2014
    • BBC One

    A farmer is speared by his own tractor, and a climber falls from a sheer rock face

  • S01E08 Episode 8

    • October 29, 2014
    • BBC One

    A display at an air show goes horribly wrong, and CCTV records a mystery explosion

  • S01E09 Episode 9

    • October 30, 2014
    • BBC One

    When fire engulfs a brand new boat, two men battle to launch a life raft

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • October 31, 2014
    • BBC One

    Motorists struggle to save a woman trapped in her crashed car

  • S01E11 Episode 11

    • November 3, 2014
    • BBC One

    A seven-year-old girl is swallowed up by the ground

  • S01E12 Episode 12

    • November 4, 2014
    • BBC One

    A TV cameraman's parachute opens too late to prevent him hitting a mountainside

  • S01E13 Episode 13

    • November 5, 2014
    • BBC One

    A kayaker is stuck fast with his head underwater, his friends have seconds to save him.

  • S01E14 Episode 14

    • November 6, 2014
    • BBC One

    The moment a bungee rope breaks and a British holidaymaker falls head first into water

  • S01E15 Episode 15

    • November 7, 2014
    • BBC One

    A woman in her eighties makes a 999 call for help as fire engulfs her home

Season 2

  • S02E01 Episode 1

    • July 20, 2015
    • BBC One

    The return of the programme which features footage of serious incidents caught on CCTV and mobile phones. A freak wave crashes into the Irish coast and knocks a woman off a cliff and onto the rocks below, while a girl riding pillion on her boyfriend's motorbike is flung off and slides underneath an oncoming car. Alex Jones presents.

  • S02E02 Episode 2

    • July 21, 2015
    • BBC One

    More CCTV footage of near deadly occurrences, including man pierced through the heart with the shattered blade of a power tool. Cameras also capture the moment a bus roof is ripped off - over the heads of stunned commuters.

  • S02E03 Episode 3

    • July 22, 2015
    • BBC One

    Alex Jones presents footage of near misses, including a surfer battered by 50ft waves, and a cyclist's helmet camera captures the moment he was hit by an oncoming car.

  • S02E04 Episode 4

    • July 23, 2015
    • BBC One

    Footage and recordings of near misses. A man almost severs his arm with a motorised saw and a pensioner clings onto a rope after falling from a boat into the freezing-cold sea.

  • S02E05 Episode 5

    • July 24, 2015
    • BBC One

    A British student becomes lost and without food for eight agonising days in a remote part of Turkey and an amateur racing driver crashes at high speed during a competition - with his vehicle hurtling down a ditch.

  • S02E06 Episode 6

    • July 27, 2015
    • BBC One

    A powerboat racer's vessel flips into the air while travelling at more than 130mph and a man wakes to find his girlfriend having a cardiac arrest.

  • S02E07 Episode 7

    • July 28, 2015
    • BBC One

    Five fishermen are swept off their sinking ship into the Atlantic Ocean as a helicopter winch man desperately tries to pluck them from the sea; and a petrified 11-year-old boy performs CPR on his motionless dad.

  • S02E08 Episode 8

    • July 29, 2015
    • BBC One

    A jockey leading a race suddenly falls unconscious from his horse, right into the path of the oncoming field.

  • S02E09 Episode 9

    • July 30, 2015
    • BBC One

    A six-year-old girl dials 999 after finding her mother unconscious and bleeding from the mouth, and a ferocious wave sweeps a fisherman from a pier into the sea as his horrified family watches on.

  • S02E10 Episode 10

    • July 31, 2015
    • BBC One

    A young girl gets hit by a tram on the way to school; A stunned takeaway customer films the moment the pavement explodes right in front of him.

  • S02E11 Unknown

    • BBC One

Season 3

  • S03E01 Episode 1

    • January 4, 2016
    • BBC One

    Two best friends find themselves adrift in the North Sea and promise one another that they will look after each other's families if they shouldn't make it out alive. A British teacher in China, is hit badly by a speeding driver whilst waiting for a takeaway.

  • S03E02 Episode 2

    • January 5, 2016
    • BBC One

    A 15-year-old girl is taking selfies with her pal, when she falls down a 200ft cliff. A Royal Navy winchman risks his own life over and over trying to save six fishermen.

  • S03E03 Episode 3

    • January 6, 2016
    • BBC One

    A teenage brother and sister find themselves in a situation when their parasail detaches from their tow boat and they are heading towards a power cable. A children's author is viewing a property and is nearly trampled to death.

  • S03E04 Episode 4

    • January 7, 2016
    • BBC One

    Two members of the Red Devils parachute display team collide during a public event. A mother risks her life trying to rescue her son during a beach holiday.

  • S03E05 Episode 5

    • January 8, 2016
    • BBC One

    A grandmother tries to save her grandson from choking on a grape. Two men are hit by a freak wave and are swept away by the current.

  • S03E06 Episode 6

    • January 11, 2016
    • BBC One

    A motorcycle rider and his back-up team end up engulfed in flames. Cheetah's get to close for comfort for a safari-going holidaymaker.

  • S03E07 Episode 7

    • January 12, 2016
    • BBC One

    A elderly couple are stuck in their car when it catches fire. A helicopter stunt goes drastically wrong during a display.

  • S03E08 Episode 8

    • January 13, 2016
    • BBC One

    A teacher crashes out of a go-kart race, a London bus has to be moved to rescue a trapped cyclist.

  • S03E09 Episode 9

    • January 14, 2016
    • BBC One

    A base jumper crashes to the ground in a remote location. A grandmother has a horrible fall on some rocks and hurts herself.

  • S03E10 Episode 10

    • January 15, 2016
    • BBC One

    A royal mail van crashes and traps a couple in their bedroom. A water ski jumper gets their take off drastically wrong.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Episode 1

    • June 13, 2016
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time.

  • S04E02 Episode 2

    • June 14, 2016
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time.

  • S04E03 Episode 3

    • June 15, 2016
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time.

  • S04E04 Episode 4

    • June 16, 2016
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time.

  • S04E05 Episode 5

    • June 17, 2016
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time.

  • S04E06 Episode 6

    • June 20, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E07 Episode 7

    • June 21, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E08 Episode 8

    • June 22, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E09 Episode 9

    • June 23, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E10 Episode 10

    • June 27, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E11 Episode 11

    • June 28, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

  • S04E12 Episode 12

    • June 30, 2016
    • BBC One

    Documentary focusing on the real stories of people who have encountered close calls with danger.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Episode 1

    • May 15, 2017
    • BBC One

    A dad wheeling his son to playgroup and a waitress chatting outside a cafe must take evasive action as an out-of-control car careers onto the pavement. An off-duty firefighter has a collision on the ski slopes, and two students on their way home from college witness a train explosion.

  • S05E02 Episode 2

    • May 16, 2017
    • BBC One

    A young man is thrown from his vehicle and lands in the middle of a busy motorway after a tyre blowout in the fast lane, and a lorry driver captures the whole thing on a dash cam. A passer-by comes to the rescue of a woman on a sinking canal boat, and a young dad cycling home from work dodges death at a roundabout.

  • S05E03 Episode 3

    • May 17, 2017
    • BBC One

    A young man hiking in the Cumbrian hills falls 200ft, and mountain rescue workers and an RAF helicopter come to his rescue. And two motorbiking brothers collide and four children playing in a park are at risk when a huge tree falls.

  • S05E04 Episode 4

    • May 18, 2017
    • BBC One

    Two best friends on a holiday fishing trip are lost at sea, and their wives fear the worst. An elderly bedridden man is trapped in a house fire, and a neighbour risks all to rescue him.

  • S05E05 Episode 5

    • May 19, 2017
    • BBC One

    A couple are celebrating their wedding anniversary on a luxury fort out at sea when one is severely injured. Coastguard and lifeboat crews rush to her aid. And a lorry driver has seconds to save his life as an insecure load on another truck hurtles towards him.

  • S05E06 Episode 6

    • May 22, 2017
    • BBC One

    A frantic mum calls 999 when her seven-year-old daughter suffers a cardiac arrest, a microlight pilot loses power at 4,000ft and must dodge power cables to land, and two pals on holiday escape their hire car as it goes up in flames.

  • S05E07 Episode 7

    • May 23, 2017
    • BBC One

    A mountain biker crashes head first at a jump and an off-duty rescue worker comes to his aid, a grandmother misreads road crossing signs and steps out in front of a biker, and a group of friends on a skiing trip are caught up in an avalanche.

  • S05E08 Episode 8

    • May 24, 2017
    • BBC One

    A 12-year-old boy falls from a clifftop on to concrete sea defences. His father arrives at the scene to find emergency workers battling to save his son. And two British adventures are trapped in the ice off Alaska in a bid to cross the Bering Sea.

  • S05E09 Episode 9

    • May 25, 2017
    • BBC One

    A retired policeman comes to the aid of a young man after his car careers off a ferry and sinks in the harbour. A climber falls in the Cairngorms, but bad weather makes rescue difficult, and a British pilot must evacuate his plane after a massive engine explosion on take-off.

  • S05E10 Episode 10

    • May 26, 2017
    • BBC One

    An amateur racing driver loses control on the track. His car somersaults towards the crash barriers, his safety cage fails, and he is left hanging upside down from the car. Plus a young mum dials 999 suspecting her baby has meningitis, and a runaway bus heads down a hill with passengers still on board.

  • S05E11 Episode 11

    • January 2, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick tells the moving story of a police motorcyclist, responding to help at an accident, who crashed and became the patient himself. Plus a conservationist describes what happened when he was attacked by the very elephants he campaigns to save.

  • S05E12 Episode 12

    • January 3, 2018
    • BBC One

    The story of an 11-year-old boy who survived a cardiac arrest in a swimming pool, plus an unsuspecting woman who was sandwiched between two cars, when one skidded on ice, and a motorbike rider who crashed into the back of his friend's vehicle and went careering over the handlebars.

  • S05E13 Episode 13

    • January 4, 2018
    • BBC One

    The tale of a cyclist who survived two heart attacks in a week, and a lorry driver whose vehicle overturned and caught fire after he was forced to swerve to avoid another motorist. He lived to tell the tale, thanks to the bravery of another trucker who pulled him out of his burning lorry.

  • S05E14 Episode 14

    • January 5, 2018
    • BBC One

    The story of a young man kicked in the head by his girlfriend's horse. Plus the remarkable tale of survival of a British diver lost at sea off the Australian coast for more than 22 hours.

  • S05E15 Episode 15

    • January 8, 2018
    • BBC One

    Featuring the story of two close friends bodyboarding off an Australian beach, one of whom has to go to the aid of the other when a great white shark attacks. A motorist risks her life to save a family when their car bursts into flames following a motorway smash, and a woman survives when part of a huge tree crashes on to her car in a storm.

  • S05E16 Episode 16

    • January 9, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles presents stories of people who have been on the brink of disaster and lived to tell the tale, all captured in recordings from the time, including how two little girls dialled 999 and saved their mum after she fell from the loft. Plus the stories of two cousins climbing a sea stack when one plunged 60 feet onto rocks and a trucker who came face to face with another lorry as he went round a bend on the same side of the road.

  • S05E17 Episode 17

    • January 10, 2018
    • BBC One

    A fishing trawler is sinking off the Shetland Islands, and one of the rescuers discovers his close friends are on board. Plus a little boy is trapped in a tumble dryer - the family's dog alerts his mum - and two brothers are on the Swiss ski slopes when one vanishes 60 feet down a crevasse.

  • S05E18 Episode 18

    • January 11, 2018
    • BBC One

    A worker in a remote location is trapped under his dumper truck when it topples and rolls on top of him, a racing driver's brakes fail, sending him somersaulting along the track, and a couple on their way to a birthday celebration overtake a super truck which fails to see them, sending them 40 feet over an embankment.

  • S05E19 Episode 19

    • January 12, 2018
    • BBC One

    A family break down on a busy road with no hard shoulder, and a lorry driver fails to see them. Plus a speedboat trip nearly ends in tragedy when the vessel is swamped by a wave, and a grandad out mountain biking with a friend takes a tumble in a remote location. A mountain rescue team go to his aid.

  • S05E20 Episode 20

    • January 15, 2018
    • BBC One

    A couple become lost in a blizzard while hiking in the Scottish Cairngorms, and a man has a lucky escape when a car crashes into a bakery shop front as he is about to enter. Plus a mum tells how she was saved by the quick-thinking actions of her young daughters when she collapsed while driving.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Episode 1

    • May 21, 2018
    • BBC One

    A young couple out walking along a pavement are hit by an out-of-control car, a young mum calls 999 when her baby is unresponsive, and a teenage motorcyclist meets a four by four head-on.

  • S06E02 Episode 2

    • May 22, 2018
    • BBC One

    A film extra is taken ill at the top of a cathedral tower and a coastguard crew fight to save him, a mum and daughter flee a fire in their flat, and customers at a pub run from an out-of-control lorry.

  • S06E03 Episode 3

    • May 23, 2018
    • BBC One

    In this episode an adventurous pensioner is lost on Ben Nevis in a howling snow storm, and a van driver skids on black ice to end up teetering on the very edge of a motorway bridge.

  • S06E04 Episode 4

    • May 24, 2018
    • BBC One

    A woman is trapped in her loft-conversion bedroom while a fire rages below her. When a young boy falls from a promenade while chasing after his dog, rescuers race against the incoming tide.

  • S06E05 Episode 5

    • May 25, 2018
    • BBC One

    An experienced base jumper's parachute gets tangled up when he leaps off Beachy Head, passers by come to the aid of a fitness trainer collapsed in the street and a fire near a petrol station causes staff and customers to run for safety.

  • S06E06 Episode 6

    • May 28, 2018
    • BBC One

    A veteran saloon car race driver is involved in a horrific crash on the finish line, two pals fish a hand grenade out of a river, and a young boy alerts his mum to a car fire.

  • S06E07 Episode 7

    • May 29, 2018
    • BBC One

    A family is trapped 50 metres up on a tourist attraction, and a young rock climber disobeys his dad, with terrifying consequences.

  • S06E08 Episode 8

    • May 30, 2018
    • BBC One

    A top British surfer rides the wave of his life when it all goes wrong, two little girls call for help when their dad collapses, and a mum and daughter suddenly find their tumble drier on fire.

  • S06E09 Episode 9

    • May 31, 2018
    • BBC One

    A group of hikers are enjoying a day on Dartmoor when one falls, landing on rocks below, and a young couple and their baby flee a hotel fire after a fellow guest alerts them.

  • S06E10 Episode 10

    • June 1, 2018
    • BBC One

    Two young men are attempting to set a world record rowing the Atlantic when a freak wave capsizes their boat, and a family day out in the snow almost ends in tragedy when a dad has a sledging accident.

  • S06E11 Episode 11

    • September 3, 2018
    • BBC One

    Featuring the emotional story of a dad and his 12-year-old daughter lost overnight on a glacier in freezing temperatures. And a man wakes to find his canal boat is sinking when the bank is breached downstream.

  • S06E12 Episode 12

    • September 4, 2018
    • BBC One

    Featuring the story of two best friends who plunge down a cliff face in Cornwall on a late-night walk. A cyclist can't stop when a van brakes, and two women get trapped in a historic house as it is engulfed in flames.

  • S06E13 Episode 13

    • September 5, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick tells the story of a professional British cyclist involved in a horrific collision with a race support vehicle. A driver's dash cam records the moment a car pulls out in front of him leaving him with nowhere to go, and two men using an accelerant to start a bonfire get more than they bargained for.

  • S06E14 Episode 14

    • September 6, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick tells the story of a driver whose dash cam records his heart attack and dramatic rescue by passing motorists. And rescuers rush to the aid of a group of people swept out to sea, only to be dragged in themselves.

  • S06E15 Episode 15

    • September 7, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick tells the story of a paraglider hanging by a thread in a forest after his canopy collapses. A dash cam captures the moment three cars collide on a mountain road, and a bullock on the pitch nearly hits a village cricket team for six.

  • S06E16 Episode 16

    • September 10, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles tells the story of a lorry driver trapped for hours in his vehicle after swerving to avoid a deer at night. And a family searching for their lost dog on the beach call for help when dad gets stuck in the mud as the tide turns.

  • S06E17 Episode 17

    • September 11, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles tells the story of two young students mowed down in a hit-and-run, captured on CCTV. And a lone climber on Snowdon takes a tumble, but a rescue helicopter can't reach him.

  • S06E18 Episode 18

    • September 12, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles tells the story of a young boy who vanishes over the edge of a cliff while out walking with his family. And a lone sailor drifting in the Atlantic is rescued by a very famous cruise ship.

  • S06E19 Episode 19

    • September 13, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles describes the rescue of a seriously injured hiker who fell 200 feet down a mineshaft in Cornwall. And a group of children run for cover when a firework display goes wrong.

  • S06E20 Episode 20

    • September 14, 2018
    • BBC One

    Nick Knowles tells the story of two best friends who plunge down a cliff face in Cornwall on a late-night walk. A cyclist can't stop when a van brakes, and two women get trapped in a historic house as it is engulfed in flames.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Episode 1

    • April 8, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a driver opens his car door, sending a young motorcyclist into the path of a bus, and a mum-to-be calls 999 after suffering massive blood loss.

  • S07E02 Episode 2

    • April 9, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a dramatic rescue by the Royal Navy saves the lives of 14 people on board a yacht that’s lost its mast in a mid Atlantic storm. And a schoolgirl sees her mum’s car on fire at the school gates and fears she’s still inside.

  • S07E03 Episode 3

    • April 10, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a paralympian takes off in a para-motor plane, but a problem brings him crashing to earth. Also today, a pub landlady rushes to alert a regular whose home is ablaze.

  • S07E04 Episode 4

    • April 11, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, two workmates leap into a harbour to save a drowning man, a mum falls asleep at the wheel on her way home from work, and a hiker captures an alarming moment when a cliff collapses in front of her.

  • S07E05 Episode 5

    • April 12, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a daughter dials 999 when her father has a cardiac arrest, while her sister battles to save him. And coastguard volunteers come to the rescue of a climber who has fallen from a cliff in Wales.

  • S07E06 Episode 6

    • April 15, 2019
    • BBC One

    A flight over the Dorset coast becomes a terrifying ordeal when a small plane loses power.

  • S07E07 Episode 7

    • April 16, 2019
    • BBC One

    An eight-year-old boy has a freak accident on his scooter, and a doctor is forced to operate at the scene. Holiday makers run for their lives when a cliff collapses at a Greek island beauty spot.

  • S07E08 Episode 8

    • April 17, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a 79-year-old celebrates his birthday with a tandem skydive, but the main chute fails to open. A young mum suffers a cardiac arrest following an asthma attack, and a taxi driver comes to the rescue of a regular passenger whose flat is ablaze.

  • S07E09 Episode 9

    • April 18, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a drone searches for a British climber missing in the Himalayas, and a mum panics when she sees a news picture of her son’s wrecked car and can’t get hold of him.

  • S07E10 Episode 10

    • April 19, 2019
    • BBC One

    Today, a dad with two young children calls for help, then fights for his life when what appeared to be a sore throat worsens and becomes sepsis. Plus a historic home and restaurant is engulfed in flames, but a young man sleeps through the fire alarm.

  • S07E11 Episode 11

    • September 2, 2019
    • BBC One

    Pensioner Brian tells how he became trapped up to his neck in a slurry pit until former policeman Matt came to his rescue, and a mum and her young daughter describe the moment their car plunged off the road into a water-filled ditch.

  • S07E12 Episode 12

    • September 3, 2019
    • BBC One

    Thousands of football fans applaud helicopter medics who land on the pitch and battle to save the life of a popular steward at the club, and a young mum describes the moment a huge lorry ploughed into stationary traffic, including her car. The lorry's dash cam captures it all.

  • S07E13 Episode 13

    • September 4, 2019
    • BBC One

    Two scuba divers describe how they found a Second World War bomb under a pier, and a steward at a popular cycling race tells how a support car drove straight at him. Plus a mum is seen on CCTV snatching her daughter from the path of a car, which failed to stop at traffic lights.

  • S07E14 Episode 14

    • September 5, 2019
    • BBC One

    A fisherman describes being washed overboard at night off the south coast, a history buff tells how he hauled a live grenade out of a canal, and a student relives the moment, caught on her dash cam, when a massive tree struck her car during a storm.

  • S07E15 Episode 15

    • September 6, 2019
    • BBC One

    Footage from a base jumper's helmet cam shows what happened when he misjudged his launch and crash-landed on a rocky beach, and a mum relives the moment when her young daughter fell from her pony at a competition and was trampled underfoot.

  • S07E16 Episode 16

    • September 9, 2019
    • BBC One

    A glider pilot's footage captures the moments after he crashed and got stuck in a tree, and the operation to rescue him. And a DJ dad relives the night, caught on CCTV, when a car failed to stop at a notorious crossroads.

  • S07E17 Episode 17

    • September 10, 2019
    • BBC One

    A schoolboy and his family relive the day he was horrifically injured after falling from his BMX bike while practicing tricks, and a young rider describes the moment, filmed by her boyfriend, when she was thrown from her horse during an amateur race.

  • S07E18 Episode 18

    • September 11, 2019
    • BBC One

    Schoolgirl Molly recalls how she saved her stepfather's life by performing CPR, and an uncle and niece are filmed as they're rescued by a ferry when their dinghy capsizes.

  • S07E19 Episode 19

    • September 12, 2019
    • BBC One

    A 60-year-old woman attempting to row across the Atlantic is rescued as her boat fills with water, and an animal lover falls down a sewer while trying to rescue his dog.

  • S07E20 Episode 20

    • September 13, 2019
    • BBC One

    A paraglider crash-lands on a wall in the Peak District, a son witnesses his mother crash her bicycle, and a cameraman filming a storm almost ends up a victim himself.

Season 8

  • S08E01 Episode 1

    • April 20, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, a hiker is in search of his dog when a cliff crumbles beneath his feet, a dramatic rescue by a coastguard rope team is captured on camera, and passers-by save the life of a woman who has collapsed in the street.

  • S08E02 Episode 2

    • April 21, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, an angler fishing off rocks is swept into a raging sea, and hikers see it happen, call for help and film the dramatic rescue. A mountain biker attempts a trick but doesn’t make it. The accident is captured on camera.

  • S08E03 Episode 3

    • April 22, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, a dad of five collapses at a trampoline park, and CCTV captures the centre’s staff fighting to safe his life. A paraglider, filming as he flies, gets into trouble and loses height rapidly. He attempts to land on a road but doesn’t make it.

  • S08E04 Episode 4

    • April 23, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, a terrified family calls 999 when their baby becomes unresponsive, and paramedics must shock him back to life with a defibrillator. A truck driver is diverted along a narrow country road which can’t cope with the weight of the vehicle, with disastrous consequences.

  • S08E05 Episode 5

    • April 24, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, a couple are on a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary when their car is hit by a truck on the M1, spinning it into the path of another HGV. And a wingsuit freefall enthusiast hits trouble when his main parachute gets tangled up 30 seconds from the ground.

  • S08E06 Episode 6

    • April 27, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses when life hangs in the balance, presented by Nick Knowles. Today, a group of friends are hiking the Lake District when one falls 650 feet. A doctor and a paramedic operate on the mountainside in a bid to save his life. Elsewhere, a motorist crests a hill to see a car heading towards him on the wrong side of the road.

  • S08E07 Episode 7

    • May 11, 2020
    • BBC One

    Stories of near misses. An eight-year-old boy taking part in a karting race clips the wheel of a rival, sending his own kart somersaulting through the air.

  • S08E08 Episode 8

    • April 29, 2020
    • BBC One

    Two divers documenting a wreck in the Thames find more than they bargained for and call in the Royal Navy bomb team.

  • S08E09 Episode 9

    • April 30, 2020
    • BBC One

    A skier suffers a leg injury in a remote part of the Alps. Her guide attempts to ski her to safety, carrying her on his back.

  • S08E10 Episode 10

    • May 1, 2020
    • BBC One

    A young woman slips and falls near the top of Snowdon in atrocious weather conditions, and Mountain Rescue battle 100mph winds to save her.

  • S08E11 Episode 11

    • November 2, 2020
    • BBC One

    A young man is unconscious in his bedroom, and it’s up to an online friend in Texas to raise the alarm. A nine-year-old boy on holiday in Scotland gets stung by a giant jellyfish.

  • S08E12 Episode 12

    • November 3, 2020
    • BBC One

    A 15-year-old girl fights to save her father’s life when he has a heart attack after picking her up from school, and a driver loses control of a car, scooping two men up on to the bonnet and crashing through a shop window.

  • S08E13 Episode 13

    • November 5, 2020
    • BBC One

    A young boy must find help after his grandfather falls on a rocky cliff face, a road racing cyclist’s career is threatened when he is hit by a car, and a motorbike rider hits black ice.

  • S08E14 Episode 14

    • November 6, 2020
    • BBC One

    A base jumper leaps from a cliff top, but his parachute spins him 180 degrees and he plummets down the rock face. College students on their way home are injured when their coach leaves the road and turns over.

  • S08E15 Episode 15

    • November 9, 2020
    • BBC One

    A Scottish cyclist on a round-the-world challenge is hit by a driver in Texas, and a family dog saves the day when a mum slips and falls on the stairs.

  • S08E16 Episode 16

    • November 10, 2020
    • BBC One

    A climber plunges hundreds of feet down a mountain in the Lake District, coming to rest above a precipice, and a driver ploughs into a car blocking the fast lane of a motorway at night.

  • S08E17 Episode 17

    • November 11, 2020
    • BBC One

    A heavily pregnant woman collapses on a remote moor. Will the emergency services find her in time? A young driver is filming his commute when a car rounds a bend on his side of the road. The other driver is asleep at the wheel.

  • S08E18 Episode 18

    • November 12, 2020
    • BBC One

    A dad-to-be has an horrific accident while mountain biking with friends, and a man braves a fire at his family home to search for his dogs.

  • S08E19 Episode 19

    • November 13, 2020
    • BBC One

    Neighbours call the emergency services when a young mum rushes into the street in panic. Her baby has cut his throat on a glass. Also, a woman is knocked to the ground and trampled when the horses she is feeding are spooked by a dog.

  • S08E20 Episode 20

    • November 16, 2020
    • BBC One

    A woman gives birth on the M5 motorway with the help of her husband and an emergency call handler, the coastguard come to the rescue of two fishermen whose boat has overturned, and a family are on the way to the seaside when their car is hit by a huge oak tree during a storm.